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430 Sq. Ft. Danilovskaya Apartment by Auroom in Moscow

This is a 430 sq. ft. studio called the Danilovskaya apartment by Auroom in Moscow.

Inside you’ll find a kitchen with bar stools, loft-style living area, brick walls, bedroom area, and full bathroom.

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430 Sq. Ft. Danilovskaya Apartment by Auroom in Moscow

430 Sq. Ft. Danilovskaya Apartment by Auroom in Moscow

Images © Auroom-d.ru

Loft Living Room with Brick Walls and Skylights Modern Kitchen with Bar Stools and Living Room Corner Living Area with Skylights in Micro Apartment Bedroom in Modern Studio in Moscow Bedroom with Brick Bathroom with Washer Dryer Combo Bathroom with Washer and Dryer Full Shower in Modern Micro Apartment

Images © Auroom-d.ru

Learn more: http://auroom-d.ru/projects/appartments/danilovskaya_manufactura


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  • Avatar CharlotteMo

    Wow! Ultra-cool! The skylights, the angles, the bed access issues resolved without a bed being in the main room, no lofts, nothing looks crammed, and that lovely brick for texture…. I bet it’s fantastic to walk in that door and know you’re home. That heater looks like pure luxury! I love the fact that it has a decent kitchen, but it isn’t the first thing you see when you walk in, as with so many tiny places. The window and living area is the focal point, not the sink. I LOVE this place (obviously).

  • Avatar Matt

    Love it! All is great, but I think the bathroom/washroom is just awesome

  • Wow! I really love this loft style apartment! It’s ultra modern, I love. The brick wall it looks very rich and I love the ambience of the wood stove you can enjoy it from all views of the apartment! They have an awesome bathroom I love the look of the shower and it’s great to have a washer /dryer in the bathroom. It saves on having to go to the laundry mat. Enjoy your place it’s awesome!!

  • Avatar Deadrock

    Bright, sunny, looks roomy (no mean feat in a mere 430 sf) and has everything most people need. Even winter in Moscow would be cozy with this to call home. Поздравления!

  • Avatar Liz

    Love the skylight and the interior as a whole is really very nice.

  • Avatar Ann

    Doesn’t anyone wear clothes? Where is the closet?

    • Avatar Chuck

      My guess is the clothes closet is the two tall doors at the left end of the
      kitchen cabinets with two drawers underneath.

  • Avatar Larry Schoenemann

    Well done!

  • Avatar Porcsha S.

    What a fabulous bachelor or bachelorette pad! I love it!

  • Avatar Will


    Very nicely done. Not missing a thing!
    Love the brick, the windows, and the fireplace.

  • Avatar keepyourpower

    Let’s see…a Communist country. The only people who can afford a place like this, has to be one of the uber rich! Better than the Gulag!

    And whomever it is, they sure like the USA!

  • Avatar Kathy Khoshfahm

    Simply gorgeous…

  • Avatar Patricia Chang


  • Avatar jb

    Well done; but it will be allot of rubles Moscow. Moscow is very pricy place to live!

  • Avatar Chuck

    This a great apt I must say. If it is Moscow proper it would probably be pretty pricey. If in a suburb not so much I would say. There are new apt
    buildings all over Moscow and suburbs these days. A great website is
    “Different Russia” on YouTube. The lady does videos about life in Russia
    and they really opened my eyes to life in Moscow.

  • Avatar Chuck

    Unfortunately their website is only in Russian..which I guess makes sense but I wish they had an English version too. Would have love to have found
    out the price of this unit.

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