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Boxabl: The 375 Sq. Ft. Unfolding Tiny House

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Meet Boxabl: A steel and concrete 375 square foot pre-fab home that literally unfolds upon arrival at your location! It’s basically an instant-house with everything you could possibly need in a small house.

The main living space is completely open with a large kitchen packed with full-sized appliances, a bedroom area with room for a queen, and a family room that can comfortably fit a normal couch. You’ll also notice there are no stairs or ladders in this contemporary marvel, making it a great place for retirees. It even has an ADA-compliant version!

There is, of course, a bathroom — with a full-sized bath/shower and a flushing toilet. It get’s better though: In the future they plan to create more Boxabls that can connect, so if you have another child or your life situation changes, you can stack vertically or connect horizontally with more rooms.

But the coolest part of this? It’s only $49,500 or $250/month. I rarely see anything this innovative and modern for such a reasonable price. But what do you think? You can reserve one here!

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This 375 Sq. Ft. Home Actually Unfolds Onsite!

Here’s the living room with space for a full, regular couch.

The bedroom is right off the kitchen and comfortably fits a queen bed.

The kitchen is packed with the full-sized appliances I love, and those glass cabinets are great.

The breakfast nook/table can double as extra counter space.

Look! The TV swivels. (Note: This whole cabinet in the middle of the room is an additional cost)

A great full shower and vessel sink in the bathroom.

Check out the floor plan below! As you can see you can switch the bedroom and living room around.

Video: Instant Folding Tiny House

Video: Boxabl Unpack

Video: Casita Tour

BOXABL includes:

  • Large Fridge
  • Double Sink With a View
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Shaker Cabinetry
  • Deep shower/tub
  • Vessel sink
  • Large counter
  • Backlit Mirror
  • Sliding Glass Barn Door
  • 9’6″ Ceilings
  • 8′ Huge Doors & Windows
  • Wide Plank Composite Flooring
  • Built-In Ironing Center
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Heating & Air Conditioning

Learn More:

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This post contains affiliate links.

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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  • jerry dycus
    April 17, 2020, 9:38 am

    While a little complicated, a SIP version would be more flexible, it’s not bad and a reasonable price.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:47 pm

      Like that idea!

    • James D.
      April 18, 2020, 12:54 am

      Structurally laminated panels that sandwich an insulation layer are SIPs…

  • Richard Chapple Sr
    April 17, 2020, 12:12 pm

    A very nice setup. Well done. Open concept, spacious feeling.
    I look forward to seeing more ideas using this concept.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:47 pm

      Me too!

  • Elizabeth
    April 17, 2020, 12:38 pm

    Would like more info

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:47 pm

      Hi Elizabeth — you can get more information on the website linked under the “Learn More” heading, and also get in touch with Boxabl directly.

  • Chuzz Bot
    April 17, 2020, 12:41 pm

    Be much better if the bed was a murphy with dining room in its place when it’s folded up.
    Bed right next to the kitchen is the only thing not to like in this awesome contraption.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:46 pm

      Yes a Murphy bed could be awesome so long as the owner of the home can open/shut it.

      • Chuzz Bot
        April 17, 2020, 2:04 pm

        Thanks for the reply
        They are normally spring loaded or counter balanced.
        I bet there are electric murphies for the less able 🙂

    • Marcy
      April 22, 2020, 5:12 pm

      I agree with you. Bedroom right off the kitchen?!? No thank you.

      • Natalie C. McKee
        April 23, 2020, 2:01 pm

        You can actually change the layout — I noticed on the website it had a layout photo with them switched, so the bed was off the bathroom and the living space off the kitchen.

  • Donna Rae
    April 17, 2020, 1:03 pm

    I am so impressed with this plan! Well thought out, good kitchen, good bathroom and an interesting living room/bedroom situation. And all on one floor! Even with as good as it is, I would still make a couple of changes. First, make the dividing cabinet between the living and bed rooms movable so you can make either space larger or smaller depending on immediate need. Instead of a regular bed, put in a Murphy bed with a built in work table so it can be used for hobbies. Instead of a regular couch, I’d use a daybed that could also be used for sleeping with little effort…toss off a few pillows and voila! Basically, that’s it. A nice patio/garden area would be nice but that would depend on each persons land area. Well done! Love this small house!

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:45 pm

      All awesome ideas, Donna!

  • Victoria Banaszak
    April 17, 2020, 1:39 pm

    I saw a video a while back of this and fell in love. I think it is a great idea and they show the other floor plans on their web site, if you want to see their other ideas. A great granny suite right here.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 17, 2020, 1:45 pm

      Absolutely! I think it will really catch on.

  • Chad
    April 17, 2020, 3:54 pm

    concrete? Sounds like prt of europe, they move them as a 6 sided box tho. Great here for Tornado Alley.

    Like the 1st comment SIPS would be the ticket (zero energy too). As affordable housing advocate we could store them (collapsed) on the DPW garage site till we move folks thru the subsidy approval process, then assemble on rough ele/plumbed pads. Just having trouble finding a manufacturer. 3 mo ago this state (MA) cleared the field allowing in ADU & tiny houses but no manufacturers in western prt of the state or interested yet…

    • Eric
      June 26, 2021, 7:25 pm

      Sounds like the manufacturers don’t want to upset the gravy train. Inefficient = more time = more money = gravy train.

  • Mary McGuirk
    April 17, 2020, 4:32 pm

    One issue with ZONING rules here in AZ at least there need to be TWO DOORS for entrance/exit. I think this just has one entrance. The other thing is the bedroom window needs to be at least 4 x 4 feet for egress if there isn’t a door in the bedroom. I think there is room for a door on each end, but you might want to consider it. The other thing is the expensive part is the kitchen/bath module. If that were built as a standalone, it is very inexpensive to add the living/sleeping space that has no plumbing to consider.

    Is this 16 x 16? I like it better than one that size I was designing last night.

  • Dick
    April 17, 2020, 5:21 pm

    I love this idea! The only problem for me is if I happen to be too lazy to make the bed that day…

    $49,500 delivered. Does delivery include setup? And once the house has been unfolded, what else must be done to make it liveable?

    • Dick
      April 17, 2020, 5:54 pm

      To reply to my own comment: Check out their website, stupid!! It says the house comes complete! Although I’d still like to know about site prep, etc.

      ::sings:: If I only had a brain…

      • James D.
        April 18, 2020, 1:03 am

        Check out their Learn More and FAQ sections for more details like they explain cost does not include site prep or installation, just the finished home unit…

    • e.a.f.
      April 22, 2020, 1:42 am

      who needs to make the bed. you just get in it each night again. my solution at times has just been to through a very large piece of fabric over the whole thing. hides a multitude of sins.

      Great little house,. certainly has every thing you need and if you can’t move around much, you don’t need to. Great starter home, without a lot of money to expend at the beginning.

      • Natalie C. McKee
        April 22, 2020, 1:28 pm

        Haha I like that thinking e.a.f.!

  • Eric
    April 17, 2020, 10:53 pm

    ::sings:: If I only had a brain… just not a bird one… fa la la la laaaaaaaaa! 😁

  • Michael
    April 18, 2020, 8:12 am

    I like the concept and agree that a SIP version would be a better option. Price is right when everything shown is included. The good thing is that sleeping and living area could be exchanged what I would do. Sleeping and bathroom makes more sense than ‘sleeping’ in the kitchen. High board for separation is a great idea.
    However, there are downsides, too.
    Firstly, kitchen set up is far from perfect.
    I really don’t know why it seems to be so difficult to design a kitchen made for cooking. This one as many others unfortunately doesn’t base on workflow of food prep.
    Sink should be next to fridge where all starts, then prep space followed by oven to finalize.
    I am not talking about that set up should consider options if user is left or right handler.
    Oven beside fridge is a no go at all and large counter space opposite makes no sense when it comes to cooking. Its only useful for small appliances like coffee maker and in this case over sized for this.
    Secondly, washing machine in front of the bathroom in living area should be hidden in a closet.
    Thirdly, no space for working from home which is nowadays really important and for many essential.

    Again, great floor plan which needs some work on details and a great alternative to THOW which aren’t moved.

    • James D.
      April 19, 2020, 12:46 am

      It is using SIPs… While this is just their first model, they plan on doing a number of variations, larger sizes, have them be modular for different configurations, scalable, etc.

      • Michael
        April 20, 2020, 7:49 am

        James, I have seen it on their website but we are talking here about introduced model. Thanks

        • James D.
          April 20, 2020, 9:05 am

          Sorry, I’m aware, so let me clarify. When I said “it”, I meant this model and that it is already using SIPs…

          The rest of my comment was only addressing the separate concerns about the limits of this floor plan by pointing out it’s mainly temporary until they can start producing the other intended products and expand upon what they can offer.

          Unless you need to get one right now, simply waiting could possibly address those concerns… Companies just starting out are often limited in what they can offer but the fact they already have future plans means it’s an option to just wait and see…

  • Donna Rae
    April 22, 2020, 9:09 pm

    What an amazing thing this would be for emergency housing. We hear all the time about large numbers of people displaced by fire, tornado or flood and there being nowhere for them to live. Have a relative that wants to be independent but needs some assistance? If you’ve got a back yard then this could be the answer.
    Boom! Affordable, livable and immediate housing. I’m assuming that if they unfold they also fold back up. I don’t know, is that possible? It should be.

    • James D.
      April 23, 2020, 1:57 am

      Yes, possible, just a question of how much work that’ll involve and may depend on how it was installed on site.

      But they may still be a year before they can start delivering units.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 23, 2020, 1:58 pm

      Yes that would be a great use for this! Not sure if they can fold back up but maybe…

  • Dianne M.
    April 23, 2020, 6:35 pm

    Is it possible to get the kitchen and living room on one side open concept? Then the bedroom and bathroom would be on the other side?

    • Natalie C. McKee
      April 24, 2020, 2:28 pm

      Yes! It is 🙂

  • Michelle Torres
    October 19, 2020, 8:17 pm

    I loved the idea so much that I added myself to the waitlist several months ago. I think they should let people know when they will be rolling them out for purchase and delivery to customers. They have lots of information on the units and the company all over social media and many media outlets but ABSOLUTELY NO mention anywhere of a timeline on when these will actually be available. A little disconcerting given that they have raised a ton of capital (including from waitlisting clients at a fee) for this product. Just saying.

  • October 24, 2021, 5:52 pm

    While I really enjoyed the tour, until we came to the bathroom. This model has half-walls between it and the bedroom. I really couldn’t stand that. I want no one (including my other half) to know what I do in there! EWWW! That’s a big turn off for me! Imagine guests coming over, and wanting to freshen up, they go into that! Yuck! I could hear my family members asking for the nearest GoMart just to use a restroom! No, count me out!

  • James D.
    October 24, 2021, 7:39 pm

    Um, no, the only half wall is between the bed and living room. The bathroom is a fully enclosed room with a door!

  • Shirley M Potts
    November 20, 2021, 1:42 am

    It does not list a toilet in the bath, is there one?

    • James D.
      November 20, 2021, 11:01 am

      Yes, regular flush toilet is standard with their bathrooms… Boxabl units are built to Modular House standards, which are constructed to the same state, local or regional building codes as site-built homes.

  • Gary
    June 14, 2022, 5:55 pm

    Hello, what an amazing product you have. It would seem to be a perfect solution to those who are constantly being threatened by hurricanes in places like Haiti. Could these home be placed on top of an elevator that could drop into the ground when a severe hurricane was threatening? An elevator the size of the home when folded up? Has anyone considered whether this would be possible and feasible? Thank you – Gary W

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