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225 Sq. Ft. Tiny Owl Tree Cabin

This is a 225 sq. ft. tiny owl tree cabin in a redwood forest near Mendocino, California.

When you go inside you’ll find an open floor plan with a living area, kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom.

Upstairs you’ll find an additional 120 sq. ft. of loft space as your bedroom.

Additionally you’ll find a back porch with incredible views of the redwood forest.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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225 Sq. Ft. Tiny Owl Tree Cabin

225 Sq. Ft. Tiny Owl Tree Cabin

Images © Airbnb/Karen

Tiny Owl Cabin Interior with Staircase to Loft French Door that Opens up to the Back Porch Near Dining Area Kitchenette in the Redwoods Cabin Cozy Upstairs Sleeping Loft with Study Desk Nearby Bathroom with Toilet and Sink Window Near Sink in the Bathroom Back Porch with Awesome Views of the Forest Rear View of the Little Cabin

Images © Airbnb/Karen


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  • Avatar Marcy

    Oh, my. Gorgeous. I couldn’t see myself living there, but I sure would like to vacation there.

  • Avatar BrownLuster

    I agree this cabin is beautiful and the atmosphere + views are breathtaking! Although I’m a no stairs/no loft type of gal, this is yet another tiny/small house design that I could totally see myself living and functioning in. Ahhh…my goodness, it looks so peaceful. I can just imagine the early morning cup of tea I would have there.

  • Avatar Sparrow

    This is WONDERFUL! So well designed, great use of space, cozy, loaded with character. I could TOTALLY live in something like this! Kudos to the builder! This is everything a true tiny house could be!

  • Avatar Martha

    I love it! Normally I wouldn’t like the stairs, but since this stairway looks sturdy and with the double handrails, I think I could deal with it. What a beautiful house and location, and I would love to live here.

  • Avatar Liz

    OMG, like, I want to live there immediately. I would love to sit by the fire watching a big ol’ snowstorm roll in. It’s just ultra cozy!!

    • Avatar Deadrock

      Not too many snowstorms in Mendocino County 🙂 …but I understand the sentiment. This is a lovely cabin, and the redwoods are the most “fairy tale” of all the forests.

  • Avatar alice h

    . That would be a deep sigh of contentment, if only it were mine.

  • Avatar Tim

    Love the small house, but let’s be real about the environment. Those are fir trees, NOT redwoods!

  • Avatar vee

    Totally warm and charming, cozy and inviting!
    Beautiful surroundings — love it!

  • Avatar MareM

    I’m in love.

  • Avatar Anita

    I didn’t notice any insulation. But I do agree with others, lovely and cozy. I could definately live there, and find my inner peace.

  • Avatar Anita

    I didn’t notice any insulation. But I do agree with others, it’s lovely and cozy. I could definitely live there and find my inner peace

  • Avatar Nanny M

    I’m ready to move in! Soooo cozy, warm and charming. A storybook delight. Makes me want to write a story using the setting…

  • Avatar JAVA06

    Mosquitoes out the ying yang. BUT this is so perfect, otherwise. 🙂

  • Avatar Max

    I’m a 8th grader doing a Capstone project on tiny houses, and I’d have to say this is one of the best designs I’ve come across so far. Where’s the bathroom on the floor plan? Trying to figure out how much it would cost now. Thinking somewhere around 30,000? mostly unfurnished?

    • Avatar BrownLuster

      Hi Max!
      Wow a Capstone in the 8th grade?!? I didn’t do my capstone until Grad School. LOL.

      So based on the size of the loft area in the pics, it doesn’t look like it’s enough room for the bathroom up there so I believe that the bathroom is opposite the living room/porch area but for whatever reason, the owner chose not to show it. Also, I’m not familiar with what materials cost in that CA area however, if you click the link above labeled “Airbnb/Karen” it will link you the the website where you can find more detailed info on the features and materials used on this cabin.

      So Max…glad to see you have an interest in the tiny/small home movement and I hope you do well on your capstone!! (^_^)

      • Avatar Steve Faulhaber

        Hi, as soon as I saw this tiny house I fell in love with it. I have a mountain top property in N. Carolina that is just screaming for such a tiny house! It seems you had a link or some knowledge as to the dimentions, material, floor plan, etc.. Any information you could provide would certainly be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance, Steve

      • Avatar Dick

        You’ll see a couple of pictures of the bathroom on the AirBNB site. To reach it, you have to go out onto the back deck.

        Now…I’d love to have that house–with a tad more insulation in winter, of course (not sure how cold it actually gets in Mendocino, but Oklahoma has its winter moments). My wife, who collects anything owl, would love the painting in the kitchen area.

  • Avatar Liz

    Dang, I sure wish I could live there. I don’t think I have ever seen a more cozy and warm home. Any chances the owners would adopt me?

  • Avatar Glema

    At $145 per night I doubt we’ll ever stay there. Still, it was lovely to see and I thank you for sharing it. God bless you and yours! Happy trails!

  • Avatar Sonya

    Some people have allergies to dogs and cats. It’s a beautiful home. I would like to know whothe architect is?

  • Avatar Kim G

    Had to laugh at the “no-pets in California” comment. When I moved here I couldn’t believe all the animals people took everywhere with them (especially in their laps while driving). California is the original home of “the lady who left everything to her cat” lol
    Anyhow, loved this house. Cheap for Mendocino too. And the loft? Yeah, THAT is a LOFT.

  • Avatar Steve Faulhaber

    I had written earlier (Sept. 2016) and viewed your suggested website. I fell in love with your tiny cabin and plan to build one on my mountain property in N.C.; hope to start this spring. By the square footage mentioned 225 ft2 I assumed the overall cabin size was 14′ x 16′ but not sure if this included the deck/bathroom. The 120 ft2 loft must be about 14′ x 8.5′? The walls look to be much taller than 7′, maybe 9′ or so? If you are willing to share who your builder is, I would love to obtain/purchase a floor plan and more details if possible?? Any detailed info that would assist with my build would be greatly appreciated! Thank you…

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