Tiny Motorhomes

Tiny motorhomes are appealing because you get better gas mileage and they’re easier to…

  • drive
  • park
  • and clean

…when you compare them to larger motor homes.

Almost everyone that I talk to that likes the idea of tiny houses loves the idea of really small campers. Teardrop trailers always come to mind for me but this post is about teeny motor homes.

Unfortunately most of these are not available in the United States. On the bright side, I think it’s very feasible to convert a minivan into something like this with a little creativity and the right tools. The pop-up feature might be the most expensive conversion project.

This one is a Piaggio commercial vehicle converted by JC Leisure. It has a pop-up roof, pull-out bed, and a kitchen unit. There’s even a hidden port-a-potty along with some storage for your traveling needs.

The great thing about a vehicle like this is that it can easily be used as a daily driver as well as an adventure traveling machine!

According to the web site, this one gets over 30 miles per gallon.

tiny motorhomes   Tiny Motorhomes
Photo credits: JC Leisure

tiny motorhome   Tiny Motorhomes

inside a tiny piaggio motorhome   Tiny Motorhomes

kitchen in a tiny motorhome   Tiny Motorhomes

bed in a tiny motorhome   Tiny Motorhomes

For more pictures and information on these tiny motorhomes based on a Piaggio vehicle by JC Leisure click here.

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   Tiny Motorhomes


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