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This post contains affiliate links.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of repeat stuff being posted recently and that’s because I’m doing some organization with the website.

There are some new sections up at the top labeled Tiny, Small, Interiors, and Plans.  There’s more on the way too (like Books) and I’m putting it all together so that it’s easy for you to find what you want and browse around the site without having to jump around randomly.

Besides being a way to browse previous and new posts in a better way, it’s also an effort to organize some of the related books, building plans, and other products/services that are becoming available to us.  That’s why you’re seeing all these posts with stuff you can buy.

If you have any thoughts and ideas I would love to hear them and put them to use–you can send me a message at any time through the contact page. Alternatively you can reach me on Facebook and Twitter.

On a side note I’m having a blast running this blog, writing for it, and I’m thrilled with how many of you are coming in and checking things out everyday–and it keeps growing every single month.  Thanks for that!

I’ll end this post with some of the site’s most popular posts since it all started…

320 Square Foot Garage Conversion

The Innovan Tiny RV

Unimog Expedition Camper

EZ Traveler Mini RV

Mushroom Dome Cabin

This post contains affiliate links.

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