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This is Randy’s Little Barn – and it’s adorable!

He took the run-down structure and turned it into a great guest house, complete with an indoor bunk and seating area, and a covered porch dining room. There’s even an outhouse with solar panels nearby. Hope you like it!

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Randy’s Little Barn Conversion


Images via Randy

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This is a 336 sq. ft. renovated Tiny Barn Cabin.

It’s called the Dry Creek Guest House.

Wait until you step inside – it’s beautiful!

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336 Sq. Ft. Tiny Barn Cabin (Renovated)

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This is The Moving House.

It’s a custom converted tiny motorhome using a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313.

You can actually see how they built most of it right here on their blog.

When you go inside, you’ll notice it has a cozy space feels a lot more like home when you compare it to most motorhomes.

According to This Moving House, they can build a van for you. It takes them about 13 weeks to complete.

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A Custom Converted Tiny Motorhome

© thismovinghouse.co.uk

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This is Deb and John’s incredible school bus conversion.

It’s called the Bodega Bus. Previously, they built a tiny house on wheels.

Now, they also have this amazing, DIY, motorhome.

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Tiny House Couple’s Amazing School Bus Conversion

The Bodega Bus 001a

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This is one couple’s school bus tiny home conversion.

And now it’s up for sale with an asking price of $17,500.

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Couple’s School Bus Tiny Home

Couples School Bus Tiny Home 001

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