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Zola Molotov, a fire dancer, converted this 24 foot school bus into a functional mobile home on wheels that runs on free waste vegetable oil collected from restaurant deep fryers.

Following a freegan philosophy, she attempted to reuse and scavenge many materials for the skoolie conversion, including the sink and propane stove that were given to her in exchange for demolishing an old trailer.

Zola and a diesel mechanic installed a waste vegetable oil system that allows the bus to run on diesel, or on waste vegetable oil.

Woman Converts Bus into Mobile Home that Runs on Free Vegetable Oil

Zola Molotov's Waste Vegetable Oil Skoolie

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is Randy’s Little Barn – and it’s adorable!

He took the run-down structure and turned it into a great guest house, complete with an indoor bunk and seating area, and a covered porch dining room. There’s even an outhouse with solar panels nearby. Hope you like it!

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Randy’s Little Barn Conversion


Images via Randy

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This is a 336 sq. ft. renovated Tiny Barn Cabin.

It’s called the Dry Creek Guest House.

Wait until you step inside – it’s beautiful!

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336 Sq. Ft. Tiny Barn Cabin (Renovated)

© Heritage Barns

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This is The Moving House.

It’s a custom converted tiny motorhome using a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313.

You can actually see how they built most of it right here on their blog.

When you go inside, you’ll notice it has a cozy space feels a lot more like home when you compare it to most motorhomes.

According to This Moving House, they can build a van for you. It takes them about 13 weeks to complete.

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A Custom Converted Tiny Motorhome

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This is Deb and John’s incredible school bus conversion.

It’s called the Bodega Bus. Previously, they built a tiny house on wheels.

Now, they also have this amazing, DIY, motorhome.

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Tiny House Couple’s Amazing School Bus Conversion

The Bodega Bus 001a

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This is one couple’s school bus tiny home conversion.

And now it’s up for sale with an asking price of $17,500.

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Couple’s School Bus Tiny Home

Couples School Bus Tiny Home 001

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This is family of 3 living in a big blue bus.

They spent 5 months converting an old bus into their own DIY motorhome to travel in.

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Family of 3’s Big Blue Bus Conversion

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