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Woman’s Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands

This is a story of one woman’s legal tiny house on wheels in the Netherlands.

According to Tiny House Europe on Facebook, “Marjolein Jonker is now living with her two kitties in a wonderful tiny house in the city Alkmaar, where the council has provided her with a small, green plot of land.”

In addition, “she’s also travelling the country, giving lecture and raising awareness about living tiny and consciously in small dwellings and convincing councils to provide spaces for tiny houses.”

Woman Living Legally in a Tiny House in the Netherlands

Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 001

Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 002 Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 003 Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 004 Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 005 Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 006 Womans Legal Tiny House in the Netherlands 007

Video: Victron Energy Installation in this Tiny House

Video: This Tiny House in Tow!


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{ 12 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Debbie Johnson

    I love the concept, but sure would have loved to see more of the inside. I saw no bathroom, only a straight through version of the home.

  • Avatar Michael

    A nice modern THOW. Its not really big 8′ by 24′. Ground clearance is very low because of the 13″ rims but looking on the trailer manufacturer website they have a 14″option which raises height above street from 17″ to 22″ which gives 5″ more clearance.
    Europe has other regulations when it comes to THOW. The main issue is brake system. Usually trailer towed by cars or pick up trucks are limited to lbs 7,716. everything above requires air brakes which increases weight and costs.
    I love the electric installation which is known in the US from boats. Very reliable!
    Well done!

  • Avatar Rev

    Five stars for the alternating-tread stairs! A great space saver!

  • Avatar Shoshana Melech-Shalom

    I love the design completely. Agree with above comment, would like to have seen more photos and of the bathroom. Also more of an explanation and photos of the off-grid systems. Very interested in those things and this house boasts those systems. Lovely all in all.

  • Avatar Robynne Catheron

    I love this, and her for forging ahead and raising awareness! If only the US would get off thei greedy little money-grubbing paws and allow tiny houses on private property. It makes no sense to not allow at least rural property owners to live in whatever makes them happy, whether it’s a mansion, a THOW or a tent.

    • Avatar Michael

      Very true, it shows how far our over regulated system is turning from assistance to the opposite.

  • Avatar jm

    And yet they let homeless people sleep wherever…

  • Avatar Alison

    Interesting rooflines. Nice.

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    The place is huge, Does not look all that tiny to me..

  • Done Well ! I Approve! Good work, very Good !

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