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Woman Living in a Tiny House Loves the Small Space and Financial Freedom

Christine is a dental assistant who decided that she wanted to live in a tiny house for three reasons: because she likes small spaces, because she wanted to be comfortable financially, and because she wanted to have a smaller environmental footprint.

Her ex-husband George built her tiny house after she committed to the project by buying a $6000 trailer. The tiny house is built with extended roof trusses which double as the home’s framing. The insulation is a combination of rigid foam insulation and spray foam insulation.

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She’s Living Her Dream…In A Tiny House!

Winter iny house living – Exploring Alternatives 1

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For heat, hot water, and cooking Christine uses propane; and she hopes to have solar panels installed at her next location for electricity and then she’ll be fully off the grid.

Winter iny house living – Exploring Alternatives 2

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For now Christine has parked her tiny house in the backyard of a friend for the first year, and after that she’s looking to find a tiny house community of like minded people.

Winter iny house living – Exploring Alternatives 3

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While the idea of living in a house that is technically illegal (where it’s currently parked), Christine is still very happy with her investment, with her home, and with her lifestyle. Living tiny has allowed her to live a simple life with fewer expenses; and that makes her happy.

VIDEO: Woman Living in a Tiny House Loves the Small Space & Financial Freedom

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Danielle is a digital nomad who is passionate about tiny spaces, living with less, reducing waste and eating plant-based food. Danielle is half of the Exploring Alternatives blog & video project. You can find more of her at www.ExploringAlternatives.ca and her Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel.
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  • February 9, 2020, 2:00 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I’m subscribed to Matt & Danielle’s channel, so I wonder how I missed this video. I think it’s great that although divorced, George was willing to help his ex-wife out with the build and I think he did a great job.

    Great idea by Christine to use straw bales to remedy the cold floor issue. Regarding humidity from propane heat…I wonder if one of those small wood stoves would work better for heat.

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