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Village of Tree Houses in the Forest

Ever wanted to live in the trees? This is a village of tiny homes near the Arctic circle that includes a “mirrorcube,” “nest,” and “UFO” treehouse!

Outside, you’ll notice the UFO house looks like something from outer space with a mechanical staircase that lowers to the ground welcoming earthling visitors. The mirrorcube looks like it sounds – a giant cube of glass which hides in the trees because it reflects them. The nest house looks like the home of a prehistoric bird that also blends in with its surroundings. The other treehouses are a variety of shapes and colors – some more traditional, and others more unique.

When you go inside the UFO home, it looks like a cozy place to stay for an intergalactic flight with plenty of beds and couches in the round space. In the mirrorcube, you’ll find yourself surrounded by plywood paneling with windows looking out on the beautiful forest view. The inside of the nest has wood panels and also two bedrooms: one with a queen bed and another with bunks for children. You can get a view of all of treehouses by watching the video below!

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Village of Tree Houses in the Forest


Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-002 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-003 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-004 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-005 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-006 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-007 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-008 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-009 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-010 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-011 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-012 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-013 ufo-like-treehouses-in-forest-014

Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

Video: Treehotel Tour of Mirrorcube, Nest, and UFO Treehouse

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