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Video Tour of Jane’s Custom Tiny House

Last week I showed you Jane’s tiny house photos.

She and her partner custom designed and built it and they are now living in it full-time.

Jane is also the author of Freedom Through Frugality which is available on her website.

Today she sent me a message enclosed with a video tour of her house that I wanted to share with you.

In it Jane shows you her food storage, water storage, kitchen, living area, expandable table, bathroom and bedroom.

Jane's Tiny House Video Tour

Photo Credit YouTube/NorseHorse

If you want, watch the video below:

Length: 1:54

For more photos of Jane’s house check out our other post on her: Jane’s Tiny Home Pictures.

To learn about her book, Freedom Through Frugality, click here to go to her website.

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  • Avatar Carolyn B

    I am very pleased that Jane took the time to show the storage area in the bench. I like multi-functional furniture for tiny homes.

    I hope she does another video when she hosts the “dance party” she mentions in the video. 😉

    • Hahaha, thanks Carolyn! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Avatar Derrick Herbst

    This is so well thought out.My wife loves the fact that you dont have the loft however that the bed is up higher to make storage under.
    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

    • Glad you and your wife liked it Derrick. I think the elevated bed and storage underneath instead is a great idea. Also good if you use a gooseneck trailer (similar to 5th wheel travel trailer).

  • Avatar Patricia Teeters

    Jane, I just love your tiny house! So well thought out. Love the storage ideas and steps up the side of the bed so you have a place to hang your clothes under neath.

  • Avatar sesameB

    I am late in viewing this, and I just loved it. It reminds me of my tiny, although I have a loft. Thanks Jane!!!
    rural Arkansas

  • Avatar Karen

    I love that there isn’t a ladder but stairs. Some of us cannot climb a ladder. I like how you utilize the space underneath!

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