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Update on Austin Hay, the 16 Year Old Tiny House Builder

Update 8/30/2011: Video interview with 16-year-old tiny house builder, Austin Hay

On July 21, 2011, Austin Hay was featured in the Press Democrat.

He has been building his own Fencl tiny house in the backyard of his parents’ house.

He plans on using it to live in now, during college, and after college.

Austin currently resides in Santa Rosa and attends Analy High School, where he has two years left to go before he’s off to college.

He says he has no plans on sharing a dorm with roommates. 🙂

For the last year, Austin has been putting all of his time, money, and energy toward building this 130 square foot home.

Austin Hay - 16 Year Old Tiny House Builder
Photo Credit Austin Hay

He is proud to tell you that the scraps created from this project have only added up to two garbage cans.

Besides being an environmentalist he’s also motivated by woodworking and the challenges the project is giving him.

Austin’s parents have been very supportive throughout the process.

Austin Hay Tiny House Builder

He has earned his own money to fund the project by working as a summer camp counselor and helping his father with his landscaping business.

They have estimated the project to cost just $12,000. Not bad for a fully featured tiny house! Especially considering it would normally cost about $20,000 to build yourself.

Your Take on Austin and his Tiny House

What do you think about Austin and his tiny house? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo Credits: Austin Hay

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