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Top 8 DIY Tiny House Builds of 2016

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There are so many great tiny house builders out there, and we love featuring their handiwork, but we also like to focus on the incredible every day people who take it upon themselves to build their very own tiny house!

That’s why we made a list of our Top 8 DIY Tiny House Builds of 2016. Let us know what you think of our picks!

1. The Little Lou Tiny House on Wheels

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

This adorable home features tons of reclaimed material and beautiful pops of color, plus I love the cozy living room nook. See more.

2. Woman’s $18K DIY Baluchon Tiny House

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

This woman spent just $18,000 building this incredible DIY home with Baluchon plans and built a mini one for her dog! See more.

3. Nadia’s Zen Tiny House on Wheels

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

Even though Nadia built on a trailer, she chose to go wider than 8.5 ft. for extra space since she doesn’t plan to move often. See more.

4. Nick and Nora’s Amazing Tiny House

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

Nick and Nora’s home features a serene color scheme and great touches. Read our interview with them here.

5. Jess and Adam’s Mustard Seed Tiny House

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

This home features a special “cat house,” a split “kids loft” and a beautiful kitchen. Worth watching their video tour.

6. The Fiddlin Snail Tiny House on Wheels

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

This house isn’t exactly DIY since Carpenter Owl sells them, but they are handcrafted and just look at the detail! See more.

7. Couple’s DIY Tumbleweed Tiny House

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

This couple’s tiny found room for everything they needed — including a drafting desk! See more.

8. 18-Year-Old Student Builds 172 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

THT's Favorite 2016 DIY Tiny House Builds

It’s so amazing to see young people creating their own homes — and for such little money! See more.

So are there any from 2016 that I left out? Tell me in the comments!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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{ 6 comments… add one }
    February 7, 2017, 6:15 pm

    I didn’t really find a favorite among these 8 tiny houses, but if I had to chose I would say the tumble weed traditional style house is for me…!

  • Kathy
    February 7, 2017, 8:11 pm

    Nadia’s Zen House has remained in my top 10 of ALL houses Tiny House Talk has presented. Here’s what I wrote when I first saw it:
    Nicely done! There’s not a single thing I would do differently except for little color on the cabinetry finishes……but that’s a super personal issue. I love everything about this, but especially applaud your decision to go those extra inches in width. Even though an extra wide takes a heavier truck and perhaps some road variances, unless you plan on moving frequently, that extra 18″ of width is worth every penny you might have to spend when it is time to move. Love the storage volume you allowed – there are few issues that will spoil a tiny home experience more than not having room for your clothing, books, and a couple of special pots and pans! Again, nicely done!!
    Read more at https://tinyhousetalk.com/nadias-zen-tiny-house-byron-bay-australia/#Lo2og0G8tuFf5UiX.99

    February 9, 2017, 8:17 pm

    They all looked great, but #1 I liked better.

  • Kathy
    February 25, 2017, 10:24 am

    I’m with Kathy, I like Nadia’s zen house best. It appears to have the most open spacious feel.

  • Shirley
    July 31, 2017, 9:14 am

    I love this. It looks so relaxing after a hard day’s work.

  • Kristi Bugajski
    August 2, 2017, 12:43 am

    Our DIY tiny house was featured on Season 3, episode 17 of HGTV’S Tiny House Hunters series. It took us 9 months to build our 38′ long thow and we’ve been living in it since January 2016. Check us out on FB and Instagram under “Tiny House Escapade”!

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