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Tiny Wedge Cabins Coming to Spring Lake Regional Park

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These tiny wedge cabins are called Sleek Sonoma Cabins and they’re coming to Spring Lake Regional Park in California.

They will offer an alternative to tenting or RVing, and were designed by students and built by Rich’s Portable Cabins.

The park is calling them the Wedge Cabins. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Wedge Cabins Coming to Spring Lake Regional Park


Image via John Burgess/The Press Democrat


Images via Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins

sleek-sonoma-cabin-by-richs-portable-cedar-cabins-2 sleek-sonoma-cabin-by-richs-portable-cedar-cabins-1 sleek-sonoma-cabin-by-richs-portable-cedar-cabins-3 sleek-sonoma-cabin-by-richs-portable-cedar-cabins-4

Images via Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins

Video: Spring Lake Wedge Cabins


  • Cost to build/purchase all three: $100,000
  • Cabin 25 sleeps 4 and is geared to families, grandparents and/or friends. It’s ADA accessible, has 1 bunk bed and 1 double bed, 2 benches in the cabin and 1 bench on the deck.
  • Cabin 28 sleeps 6 and is geared to large families, friends and/or groups. It has 3 bunk beds and 1 bench.
  • Cabin 30 sleeps 4, and is a good solution for families, parents and/or friends. It’s ADA accessible and comes with 1 bunk bed, 1 double bed, a bench and a desk.
  • Purposely simple: No interior decoration, nor electricity, running water or bathrooms (facilities are nearby).
  • Daily cabin rates range from $79 to $89, depending on season (major holidays are $99).

From the park:

“We provide mattresses,” Whitaker said. “People can bring a sleeping bag or their own linens, just as with many other rental cabins. We made the Wedge cabins purposely rustic. In one sense they’re fancy cabins, and in another sense they’re a well-designed shed. People will know they’re breaking away from their normal routine, that it’s OK to turn off the cell phone and just enjoy being here. It’s simple sophistication. You stand on the porch and you’re surrounded by beauty and the sounds of nature. It’s a good feeling.” More here.


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This post contains affiliate links.

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{ 5 comments… add one }
    November 30, 2016, 8:15 pm

    Wish I could have seen more. I didn’t see a kitchen or bathroom. Or are they still in the works?

    • Viv
      November 30, 2016, 9:23 pm

      Above it says no electricity, running water or bathrooms.
      Facilities are near by.

    • Natalie
      December 1, 2016, 10:29 am

      No it’s not supposed to have one. This is the finished product. They are just structures for folks camping to give an alternative to a tent 🙂 — Tiny House Talk Team

  • jm
    December 2, 2016, 9:59 am

    Cost to build seems high. You could probably get some prefab company to make these much cheaper–and deliver.

    • Natalie
      December 5, 2016, 10:34 am

      That was the total cost to the park, so I think it likely included transport, etc. — Tiny House Talk Team

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