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Man Turns Tiny Studio into 2 Bedroom Apartment

In largely populated places like New York City and Brooklyn people are forced to use their creativity to make the tiniest of spaces functional for themselves. In this post you’ll get to see how a man in Brooklyn turned a tiny studio into an amazingly stylish and functional two bedroom apartment.

Since he has a roommate, the space needed to properly accommodate two adults. And in a place like Brooklyn, making the most out of a small space like they did can save you some serious money every single month. And that sure adds up over the years.

Tiny Brooklyn Studio Turned into 2 Bedroom Apartment


Images: LifeEdited.com

brooklyn-studio-to-2-br-apartment-002 brooklyn-studio-to-2-br-apartment-003

Images: LifeEdited.com

As you can see vertical space was utilized as much as possible to create more space. And you’ll also notice lots of storage nooks and other clever design ideas. Read the original article and enjoy even more photos of this amazing Brooklyn ‘tiny living’ studio apartment conversion.

So what do you like best about this studio apartment? For me it’s the tiny house inspired style inside. How about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Clever! Clever! Clever! And beautiful, too!

  • Avatar Brian

    There is a lot of style in the way this apartment was put together. Love the steps up to the sleeping loft, the storage underneath the beds. While very blokey, the apartment has been designed with much thought and a definite plan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome industrial style they have going on! I wonder if this guy did the work himself ~ I’m going to head over to the original article and see. The best part of this Tiny Home for me is the definite character it has. The boldness of the design means no wasted space with fussy details, yet there is a definite “look”. I don’t know if I’m making sense. 🙂

    So glad to see Tiny Homes in different contexts. People who don’t “get” them on trailers might see the usefulness in this type of situation. New York is a great example of people living in incredibly tight spaces, and nobody seems to think twice about it.

    Great post.

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Very creative, I’d never would of thought to do such .. Nice job..

  • Avatar Tamara

    What is the size if the apartment? I love the kitchen and living room area. Very creative.

    • Avatar lionel

      According to these pictures, size is around 430 s.f.

  • Avatar Kelly Libert

    As far as NYC studios go, that place is huge. Looks a lot like the one bedroom 4th floor walk up “railroad apartment” I lived in in Hoboken when I worked in NYC. Tin ceilings and all. The length and width appear the same. It is only missing the two fireplaces (living room and bedroom) and breathtaking view of Manhattan.

  • Thank you. Your article is very helpful to me.

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