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Tiny House That’s Half Under Water

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I know the title seems crazy, but it’s true…

This is a tiny house where half of it is under water.

And it’s in the shores of Lake Malaren in Sweden. And actually, it’s an Inn called Utter Inn.

It’s like a garden shed with solar panels floating in the middle of the lake that packs a kitchen, dining area, outdoor deck, and an underwater bedroom that is submerged 10 feet. It even has windows down there so you can see the water life!

How cool is this??

When you stay at the Inn you are brought there by boat (of course) from the port of Vasteras and then you are in private solitude armed with a row boat and a telephone. Rates are around $160 per night in US dollars.

Here’s a little excerpt from someone who has actually stayed there.

We had an enchanting getaway at the Utter Inn, a tiny little red house plopped in the middle of a lake outside Stockholm. Staff drove us out to our little villa on a high speed inflatable, and left us with plenty of fresh water and a plentiful breakfast. Conditions are camp-like (propane stove, latrine) but the experience was unforgettable. You open a hatch and climb down a ladder to your sleeping quarters, (two twin beds) and on all four walls are panorama windows allowing you to see the little fishies outside your submerged bedroom. Incredible! They also provided us with a raft, where we rowed to our own little island. The Utter Inn is the brainchild of an artist who also has a tree house inn called the Woodpecker, and is planning a little red Swedish house on the moon! ~ Trip Advisor

Tiny Under Water House in Sweden - Utter Inn

Utter Inn in Vasteras, Sweden - Under Water Tiny House

Below is the under water part which is the bedroom. Windows show water life!

Tiny Under Water House

Here is what it looks like un-submerged…

Tiny Under Water House

Learn more and / or book this under water micro house!


This post contains affiliate links.

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  • jay
    November 2, 2010, 6:15 pm

    Neat. I’ve got my doubts about building one on the moon though. You know what they say about Inns on the moon right? The food is great, but there’s no atmosphere.

  • Karen Buckley
    April 5, 2011, 3:47 am

    Seems cool but kind of a little scary to me too… I guess if it was on a reef here in Florida, it would be awesome and probably a good money maker. The tropical underwater life down here is absolutely amazing. I would just be afraid of waking up in the middle of then night submerged in water and not being able to get out…

  • Neca
    October 6, 2012, 12:39 pm


  • jerryd
    December 21, 2013, 8:54 pm

    What many don’t understand is this has to weigh 60lbs/cu’ in order to sink so likely weight 20k lbs!!

    I’ve done studies and completely possible to build even underwater habitats like the NASA one in the fla Key’s, if rather heavy.

    I am putting in a pair of glass bottom panes in my 34′ trimaran though mostly fore checking out how the anchor sets, good fish/lobster sites, finding stuff lost and general amusement. If you want one you’ll have to clean it once/week though. Since I’ll live aboard it won’t be w problem for me.

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