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Tiny House Plans: Beavan Box Bungalow from Tumbleweed Houses

Every Thursday I’ll be featuring a random set of tiny house plans here on Tiny House Talk.

Today I’m introducing you to Tumbleweed’s Beavan Box Bungalow design.

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House Plans

The Beavan is one of Tumbleweed Houses latest designs in the Box Bungalow category.

As you may already know all of this company’s house plans are designed by Jay Shafer, who has been living happily in really small spaces since 1997.

That’s over ten years of extremely simple living. That’s why he’s #1 when it comes to designing micro sized spaces for humans.

Jay Shafer and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Jay is at the forefront of today’s tiny house movement not because he is the first person to live so simply but because he has successfully shared his amazing ideas with the world.

In his Small House Book, he shows you the current generous loopholes which allow you to bypass minimum size housing building code restrictions in most areas.

The Beavan Box Bungalow

Let’s take a close look at this beautiful design which was recently featured on HGTV’s Design Star.

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House Plans by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Houses

Photo Courtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House Floor Plan

Photo Courtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

The Beavan’s Specifications

This little structure is just 99 square feet without including the front porch area. There are two large columns on both sides of the entrance which gives it a traditional look and feel.

The exterior dimensions are 7′ wide and 16′ long. If you include the porch it’s 18′ long. If you include the roof lines it is 20′ long and 9’6″ wide.

It’s designed to have a sleeping loft but you don’t have to have one with the downstairs ceiling being 6’6″ high. The sleeping loft is 3′ high. This can be customized if needed.

Pricing starts at $12,999. You can order it as a flat pack and assemble it with one or two friends. If you don’t have handy friends you can always hire a contractor. The kit comes in about 15 pieces that you need to put together. Or you can simply purchase the $49 building plans, buy the materials and put it together yourself from the materials.

In This Video I Show You How Tumbleweed Box Bungalows Work

I also give you a preview of Tumbleweed’s latest DIY book. Go ahead and watch below…

Order Jay Shafer’s new Tumbleweed DIY Book for just $19.95 and get a free set of Zinn plans ($49 value).

Download the Beavan tiny house plans right now.

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