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Sneak Peek & Review of Updated Tiny House Guide Now Available in Softcover

Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders just released an updated version of his book Tiny House Design & Construction Guide.

The book has almost doubled in length at 143 pages and it boasts over 100 color photos and illustrations to guide you along the way.

It covers just about everything you can think of when it comes to designing and building a little house on a trailer:

  • Safety
  • Designing and planning
  • Tools required
  • Materials and trailers
  • Subfloor and framing

And much, much more.. I’ve already got my copy of the book on hand and put together a video review for you so you can preview it:

Video length: 5:57

To order the book using my affiliate link (this way Dan will send me a small commission for referring you to the book) click here. Thank you!

If you’d prefer NOT to use my affiliate link you can order it using this link instead. 🙂

Using my affiliate link will not cost you anything extra but I only want you to use it if you feel that I provide you with enough value for me to deserve it.

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  • Very cool- Dan’s work looks solid, and I hear he’s a good guy too- always a good combo. Best of luck with the book Dan!

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