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Tiny Floating Cottages by Tiny FloatHouse

These are tiny floating cottages by Tiny FloatHouse built on an aluminum hull with over sized pontoons.

The cabin enclosure size ranges from 7ft x 12ft up to 9ft x 22ft depending on the model you want. They start at $25,000.

Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Tiny Floating Cottages by Tiny FloatHouse

Tiny Floathouse 001

Images © Tiny FloatHouse

Tiny Floathouse 002

Tiny Floathouse 003

Tiny Floathouse 004

Tiny Floathouse 005

Tiny Floathouse 006

Tiny Floathouse 007

Tiny Floathouse 008

Tiny Floathouse 009

Tiny Floathouse 0010

Tiny Floathouse 0011

Tiny Floathouse 0012

Tiny Floathouse 0013

Tiny Floathouse 0014

Tiny Floathouse 0015

Tiny Floathouse 0016

Tiny Floathouse 0017

Tiny Floathouse 0018

Tiny Floathouse 0019

Tiny Floathouse 0020

Tiny Floathouse 0021

Tiny Floathouse 0022

Tiny Floathouse 0023

Tiny Floathouse 0024

Tiny Floathouse 0025

Tiny Floathouse 0026

Tiny Floathouse 0027

Tiny Floathouse 0028

Tiny Floathouse 0029

Tiny Floathouse 0030

Tiny Floathouse 0031

Tiny Floathouse 0032

Tiny Floathouse 0033

Tiny Floathouse 0034

Tiny Floathouse 0035

Tiny Floathouse 0036

Tiny Floathouse 0037

Tiny Floathouse 0038

Tiny Floathouse 0039

Tiny Floathouse 0040

Tiny Floathouse 0041

Tiny Floathouse 0042

Tiny Floathouse 0043

Tiny Floathouse 0044

Tiny Floathouse 0045

Tiny Floathouse 0046

Images © Tiny FloatHouse


  • Available in 7ft x 12ft and up to 9ft x 22ft
  • Cottage look and feel with exposed beams
  • Windows and doors are reclaimed from 1900’s period Michigan homes but availability may require substitutes
  • Roof is copper colored steel rated with 40 year lifespan
  • 120 volt 15 amp to 30 amp electrical systems
  • Vintage style LED bulbs
  • Built on aluminum hull with oversized pontoons
  • Brand new treated 3/4″ plywood deck
  • Slip resistant vinyl flooring
  • 24″ x 24″ moonpool at the center of the interior floor to give you easy access to the water from inside for fishing, swimming, private skinny dipping, and endless hours of watching marine life underneath you
  • The Moonpool is made of acrylic that can be walked on and supports up to 350 lbs
  • Under-deck LED lighting illuminates the surface of the water
  • Available with electric outboard motor or premium four-stroke outboard motor
  • Starts at $25,000

Learn more and request a quote at Tiny Float House.


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Our big thanks to Jim Mittler for sharing!

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{ 2 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Michael June 25, 2018, 6:11 pm

    Nice little floating cottage which can be customized to fit into your needs.. However, pics are showing no kitchen and no bathroom but on their website you’ll find them all.
    I think its well crafted and can be tailored into whatever you may require because they are custom builders with a lot of maritime experience. Beside that pricing appears to me moderate.
    Good option.

  • Avatar jerry June 26, 2018, 6:12 am

    Nice if primitive but very easily built and great short term living.
    And I can’t overstate the need to go oversize using round pontoons like they did.
    Note where the waterline is, well below the max pontoon width. If any higher several people going to 1 side can cause it to tip, throwing people in the water.
    So I advise pontoons that are not round with far more reserve buoyancy. In this case they made them oversize which works too.
    Changes I’d make is a flat deck roof and a solar awning above it, simplifying building it even more and doubling the deck area..
    If anything but warm weather, insulation is needed.

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