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They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus

This is the story of a couple named Tawn and Mike who used to own a gym and a 3-story house, but sold it all to renovate and live in the beautiful bus conversion that you see here today. By the way, they’re a family with two teenagers. They used the bus create an entirely different life for themselves with freedom as the foundation. They named the bus Oliver.

Today, they say they are so much happier than they used to be. You can get a look at their life below and enjoy the full video tour with a complete tour of their bus and more about their story, like how they used to work 14 hour days and hardly ever get to see each other. And how they have two teenagers. Please enjoy below! Thanks!

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Gym Owners Sell Everything To Live And Travel In A Bus

They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 001

Images via Tiny Home Tours/YouTube

They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 003 They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 005 They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 006 They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 002 They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 004

Images via Tiny Home Tours/YouTube

VIDEO – They Sold Their 3-Story House And Their Gym Business To Simplify Into A School Bus Conversion


  • Family with two teenagers
  • They owned a 3-story home and a business (they owned a gym)
  • They sold it all and converted a bus into their mobile cottage
  • They used to work 14 hours a day, hardly spent time together
  • Today, they live completely differently!

Learn more

YouTube Story | @sincewewokeup (couple’s Instagram) | Since We Woke Up (their website) | Skoolie Central

Our big thanks to Ally & Chris of Tiny Home Tours for sharing!🙏

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  • Diana
    November 20, 2019, 11:22 pm

    Can’t say enough good things about what you have done! So good to see others living like this. I once had 3000 sf and I saw that my kids got detached as a result. I live tiny now and I would love to travel in a smaller version of what you guys have done. Love that bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Just so impressed that you woke up! Everyone that does is helping us to go forward into the solution!

    Thank you!

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