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The Pacific Pioneer 28′ THOW by Handcrafted Movement

This is the Pacific Pioneer, the latest tiny house build by Handcrafted Movement in Battleground, Washington.

The 28′ x 8.5 THOW is currently for sale and boy, is it stunning! This model features both a downstairs bedroom and two loft bedrooms, as well as a spacious bathroom with room for a washer/dryer, a fully-stocked kitchen and a quaint living space. In this tiny, you really can “have it all.”

Get additional details below and contact Handcrafted Movement via the form if you’d like to purchase. Enjoy the tour!

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Handcrafted Movement’s Latest for Sale: The Pacific Pioneer

View from the downstairs bedroom looking out at the rest of the home.

Living room and downstairs bedroom through the doorway.

Moving ladder allows you access to the loft above.

Folding doors allow for privacy in the bedroom.

The Samsung swivel TV moves so you can watch it anywhere.

Brilliant! Extra storage underneath the bed, too.

Lots of wooden countertop space in this little home.

I like that there’s also an eating nook/desk space.

Close-up on the ladder design. Hooks onto the pipe rails.

Wow I adore this lighting fixture! What a great touch.

Just in case you thought they forgot hanging storage.

Some little open cubbies in the kitchen. Glass front door.

The live-edge headboard is my favorite part of this THOW.

There’s space to walk all the way around the bed.

Doors close to keep the bedroom separate. More hanging space!

And now you can watch TV! Perfect.

The “fireplace” makes it feel so warm and cozy here.

Just look at the detail on the ceiling. How spectacular!

Here’s a loft (with a railing) for guests or kiddos.

And another loft! You could store things if you wanted to.

Something about round mirrors is just fun.

Built in storage for towels and more.

Standing shower stall for getting clean.

No composting toilet here. Residential hook-up.

Here’s a spot for your washer/dryer unit. Awesome!

That’s a gorgeous build. What do you think?

Here’s the floor plan. Get more details below!


  • $77,000
  • 28’ x 8.5’ industry leading PAD Tiny House Trailer with (3) 7K axles
  • Built in leveling jacks, trailer brakes, road lighting, sealed aluminum floor pan
  • Board & Batten siding with Pacific Cedar accents
  • Standing seam metal roof, 9-lite glass exterior door with handle set
  • 2 lighting fixtures at front door and 2 exterior power outlets
  • Dedicated exterior utility closet with (2) 20 lb LP tanks & LP tankless water heater
  • 50 amp electrical panel with 50 amp exterior RV outlet-
  • Professionally installed plumbing, electrical and propane
  • 2 20lb propane tank, auto-changeover valve
  • Capacity to sleep 7 people
  • Main level bedroom with sliding barn door
  • Walnut butcher block kitchen countertops, Hickory hardwood flooring
  • Built in full size handcrafted canvas & leather couch
  • Array of built in storage cubbies, cabinets and closets
  • R-25 floor insulation, R-15 wall insulation, R-23.5 Closed-cell spray foam ceiling insulation
  • 1 electric fireplace with thermostat, 1 wall heater with thermostat
  • Nook with shoe cubbies and coat hooks
  • Various hanging rod locations with capacity for 50 hangers
  • 24″ 4 burner LP gas range, exterior vented hood fan with LED lighting
  • Built in dining seat with capacity for 4
  • 2 door energy efficient 11 cuft. refrigerator/freezer with automatic defrost
  • Mixture of brushed nickel, copper, matte black hardware throughout
  • 2 lofts with access ladder
  • LED shower lighting/vent fan/bluetooth speaker
  • 36” x 34” fiberglass shower stall, Energy efficient flush bath toilet
  • 32” wide bath vanity with built in storage
  • Energy efficient LP tankless water heater
  • Water, drain and power hookups for Washer/Dryer combination unit

Want this Pacific Pioneer tiny house? 

Contact Handcrafted Movement:


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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She is a coffee-loving wannabe homesteader who dreams of becoming self-sufficient in her own tiny home someday. Natalie currently resides in a tiny apartment with her husband, Casey, in Massachusetts.
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  • First off a wonderful unit…Hits my buttons. The few modifications I would do are mostly appliance choices and the addition of the one slide for the couch. It’s not often you can find a three bedroom with these fine qualities that could be towed behind a one ton truck. Some areas to use personal taste even within this size that are going to be a massive sell point when advertised correctly. You will notice it works for seniors? Plenty of grandkid cubby space as well…

  • Wow! This Tiny House seems to offer everything that you need in a place! Just love that bathroom! That round mirror is just amazing! The bathroom shelves are so accessible! Just love all the features this home has to offer! Thank You! For sharing!🌹🌷🌹

  • Avatar Michael L

    Beautiful design! All I’d need to add is an easy chair. This unit is VERY liveable on a full time basis!

  • Perfection lies in creativity , without creativity there is no beauty, creativity with no borders satisfying just all togheter.

  • Avatar Chuck

    Best organized THOW I have seen. I could do without the fireplace..takes up too much room anyway and that space could be used for a bookcase too. Give me a two burner cook top and one built in oven..don’t need a big stove like that. Also a mini-split heating/AC unit would be a MUST. I love the first floor bedroom being 70 years old.

  • Avatar Michael

    Great floor plan and many well thought details.
    Storage access under the couch seems to me not very handy.
    Some awning at the front would be nice.
    The bedroom is georgous. A free standing bed is easy to get in and to make.
    Well done.

  • Avatar Betty

    Great floor plan for a senior. Bookcases would be nice instead of the fireplace. I am a readaholic.😀

    • Avatar Chuck

      I feel the same way Betty!!

  • Avatar Tom Osterdock

    Another great house but if I was having it built there would have to be some adjustments but not alot. Mini split would be a great addition. I want full or apartment appliances.

  • Avatar John

    Thank you for the awesome build.
    Finally a private bedroom…😊

  • Avatar Kathy

    What a gorgeous THOW! Well planned out…..its got at least one of everything I could want LOL……beautifully finished out….THREE bedrooms?? Are we sure this is only 28′? Nice price for the quality and size. Really really well done!

  • Avatar Claude

    Nice design, nice interior and smartly framed to prevent road twist.

  • Avatar Kim W

    Love it! I would need someone to tow it for me, as I could neve manage such a huge thing!!

  • Avatar Jana

    I would not change a thing I adore this floor plan. I would buy in a heartbeat if I had some place to put it, Great job

  • Avatar ninim

    The first thing I thought: Wow, sooo much light! I really do like it. It feels like a ton of space with the white walls and especially on the floor and wall among the roof. Enough space for a family too and the add of upcycling rustic looking wood pieces in addition to modern cuts are just awesome.

  • Avatar Michael L

    I’m sorry but I have to ask this… why do you show the same homes so many times? And why so often just days apart? This was just featured!

  • Avatar Chuck

    I’ve decided I MUST get out of California before I lose my sanity completely. LaPlata Missouri is the perfect town for me I’ve decided and this THOW would be perfect on a small piece of land. Just me and my cat Charlie watching the trains go by every day. HEAVEN.
    I wonder if I should start a GoFundMe thing? LoL.

    • Chuck I would suggest a trip there in a second hand RV for at least a month…Then if you are STILL insane, shop around for a Tiny Home there…And remember to be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for…

    • Avatar Tom Osterdock

      I agree with you 100% since I am in California also. I would like the area to watch trains but need a little bit of land to put the house on and my track so I can drive my train there. I have a live steam engine.

  • Avatar david

    What an incredible thow, beautiful, stylish, space efficient, everything!
    I personally obviously despise flush toilets now, and I the “couch” gives me pain just from seeing it, but I could easily change those two points myself, and so: this house ticks all the boxes for me! And the outside looks too!

  • Avatar jc

    I like it! I’d leave out the lofts, replace the full stove with a 2 burner counter too and do a large convection toaster oven on an overhead shelf. Gives additional counter space and storage underneath. Without the lofts I’d have high ceilings throughout no crawling or climbing. Perfect for a single person. Also no fireplace needed but my shoe stand/ exercise gear storage/laptop stand would fit perfect in its place.

  • Avatar PJ

    These people know what they are doing, beautiful

  • Avatar Rusty

    Beautiful home, I would love minus the lofts with an 8′ ft ceiling and as earlier stated a bookcase in place of the fireplace. The bathroom is the nicest I have seen in a throw. Adding 2′ to 4′ would give more living space for entertaining. The swivel Samsung TV is a great idea.

  • Avatar Jacintha

    This is my favourite design from the Pacific line. I prefer a real bed to a Murphy bed and the privacy of doors over curtains. I lounge around in bed at any time of day on weekends! Only thing I would take out is the fireplace. No heating is required where I live.

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