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Pierre and Chin are an amazing couple who were inspired by Japanese architecture and rural Japanese culture as they designed their micro tiny house that sits on a Japanese truck bed. The home is super tiny, with every space having multiple functions.

As they roam the Japanese countryside, they’re looking for a quiet and simple life that they didn’t have in Tokyo. Chin is a lovely artist who managed to fit an art studio into their little space. Enjoy the tour below!

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Pursuing a Quiet & Simple Life in their Truck Bed Home

Their Micro Truck Home For Japanese Travel 4

Images © Growing Small

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This is the second version of the Escape One zen tiny house on wheels by Escape, a tiny house builder in Wisconsin.

We showed you Version One back in April, but this new video tour below shows some of the different options available for the inside of your Escape One, including a gas stove and huge windows in the living room. Be sure to check it out and get the additional details at the end of the post.


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Escape One, Version Two: Zen Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Escape

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