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This is the Nest roundhouse cabin with an outdoor bath. The little cabin has an open layout with a kitchen, bedroom area, living space, and a luxury private bathroom.

It’s a nature retreat located in Fordscroft Farm in Crewkerne, Somerset, United Kingdom. Learn more below!

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Nest Roundhouse Cabin in the UK

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This is Tal and Nao’s Rainforest Yurt!

It’s a 32 ft traditional canvas yurt that has been modified for the West Coast climate by adding a shingled roof, wooden siding, and extra insulation.

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Tal and Nao’s Rainforest Wooden-Yurt

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This is a tiny Adirondack yurt cabin.

It’s a 14′ wooden yurt that can be used as a tiny home, guest space, studio, backyard office, meditation space, or anything else you can think of. Inside, this one is set up as a tiny home with a couch, loft bed, fireplace, and a kitchenette.

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Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin

Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin 001

Images © Adirondack Yurts

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This is a customer-built Freedom Yurt Cabin.

From the outside, you’ll notice the structure looks just like a yurt, yet it’s built like a cabin!

When you go inside, you’ll find plenty of space for your living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Scroll or swipe down to see how you can build one for yourself, too, using a Freedom Yurt Cabins kit.

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How to Build Your Own Freedom Yurt Cabin

How to Build Your Own Freedom Yurt Cabin 001

Images © Phil Nemeth

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This is a yurt vacation cabin near Asheville.

From the outside, you’ll notice a hunter-green canvas yurt with a porch off the front.

When you go inside, you’ll find a studio floor plan with a bed, living space, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as twinkle lights in the ceiling.

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Yurt Vacation Cabin near Asheville


Images © Valerie via Airbnb

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This is a reader submitted guest post – submit your own here!

A recent post on Tiny House Talk featured a tiny yurt-like cabin, and a reader of the site posted our web site in the comments section of the piece. We thought your readers would be interested in seeing our 180 square foot Polyurt (see below). The Polyurt 180 is big enough to be used as a one room cabin for 2-4 people, and small enough to be cozy and easy to build. The 12-sided round shape yields a very strong and efficient building.

The parts for this model are all cut from standard 4’x8′ material, with very little waste. The round shape encloses the 180 square foot area using about 15% less material than a square or rectangular shaped building of the same area would use. The result is a stronger structure which requires less labor to construct, and has a smaller amount of exterior surface to maintain and lose heat through.

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The Polyurt Cabin by Full Circle Shelters!


Because each of the 12 panels is 4’x8′, standard sized doors and windows may be used. The “corner posts” provide the support for the roof, leaving all wall panels available for windows, if desired.

I encourage you to learn more and see the rest of this little yurt cabin below:

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