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This romantic windmill sits on the river Gein and was built in 1874. It’s been renovated into an amazing cottage with three different bedrooms and two bathrooms!

The first floor features a living room, a dining area for six, and a fully-equipped kitchen that even has a dishwasher. A lovely patio off the windmill allows you to take in the stunning countryside all around. Make sure to go to the top floor to admire the original wooden gear system!

  • Charming 1874 windmill cottage near Amsterdam, situated along the scenic river Gein.
  • Renovated into a cozy vacation retreat with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and modern amenities.
  • Guests can enjoy original wooden gears, a cozy fireplace, and picturesque countryside views from the patio.

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Magical Three-Bedroom Windmill Cottage

romantic windmill (1874) Near Amsterdam

Images via Airbnb/Maarten

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You might think an 1800s windmill would make for rustic accommodations, but you’d be wrong! This windmill has been transformed into not just a tiny house, but a luxurious tiny house!

There’s a King-sized bed in the bedroom at the top of the windmill that features windows all around the perimeter, giving you a breathtaking view of the ocean. A luxury bathroom sits on the second floor complete with a glass shower stall and there’s air-conditioning throughout to keep you comfortable. Tell us what you think!

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Windmill Tiny House in Portugal with 360 Degree Views

1800s Windmill Turned Tiny Home in Portugal

Images via Moinho/Airbnb

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