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William is a professional photographer and has made his dreams come true by traveling in Ruby, his 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon that he added a roof raise to for extra comfort and space.

His van life allows him to work and to see family and friends all over the country. When he gets together with them, he can seat up to 9 friends in his itty-bitty van because of his creative two-tier couch system that doubles as his office and bedroom. You’ll love the in-depth tour below!

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Photographer’s High-Top Vanagon Conversion

Ruby, the 1990 Volkwagon Vanagon 1

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When Hunter and Hannah first purchased their 1974 Vintage VW Westy, they actually had no intentions of living in it full-time. They just wanted a weekend rig and their jobs weren’t remote. But when 2020 changed everything, it finally made sense for the couple to take their now-remote jobs on the road and travel the country.

While they consider their lifestyle more “camping” than it would be in a Sprinter van, they really don’t mind. As long as it’s good weather, and they’re in nature, they pop up the roof bedroom and set up an outdoor kitchen and work area and enjoy having more of the outdoors. What do you think?

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Digital Nomads Enjoying Their Vintage Volkswagen

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