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Justin built this vardo wagon to take skiing and visiting friends, but knee issues stopped the skiing, and he wants to use the money from the sale to build his retirement dream tiny home on wheels!  The little camper has a Dickenson marine fireplace, 50-watt solar panel, LED lights, and a 1000 watt inverter.

Inside you’ll find a dinette that converts to a 44″x78″ bed and a small sink with one and a half-gallon water jug that drains into a bucket. Justin is asking $16,500 for the vardo.

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Front Deck with Dinette for Weekend Trips

Handmade vardo for sale94

Images via Justin

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This is a tiny house with history! Built sometime in the 1920s or 30s, this caravan/vardo has been in Doug’s family for generations. It’s very simple with a green canvas exterior, wooden frame, and old iron trailer, and in the right hands, it could be brought back to its former glory.

Doug is looking for someone who appreciates the history to purchase it, as illness keeps him from being able to care for it. It sure looks like an awesome piece of the past!

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Piece of History: Vintage Vardo from 1920s

Vintage 1920s Bowtop Caravan from English Travellers of Texas 4

Images via Doug

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Built by FRC Tiny Homes in Alberta, Canada, this Vardo camper is being sold by Linda for $13,500. Update: sold!

The exterior is painted an adorable Robin’s Egg Blue with creamy vanilla trim, while the inside has natural pine-clad walls filled with spray foam insulation.

It has a metal roof and electrical hook ups, as well as a mini-porch! Check out the pictures and details below.

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FRC Tiny Homes Vardo Camper for Sale (Sold!)

image1 (1)

Images via Linda

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This is a lightweight Gypsy Wagon that’s for sale in Russiaville, IN from Woolywagons.

The beautiful handcrafted tiny home weighs just 3,300 lbs. (towable by most SUVs) and has everything you need for full-time living including a pull-out dry-flush toilet inside and a shower on the front porch! It’s currently on sale for $10,000 less than the listing price, so call today if you want it!

Enjoy the pictures, and get price, additional details and Woolywagons contact information below!

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Lightweight Gypsy Wagon For Sale from Woolywagons

Images via Woolywagons

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This is Katelyn’s stunning hand-built Reading-Style Vardo that’s for sale for $12,000 in Oregon. Update: Sold.

It has some minor trim work yet to-be-done, but she is selling the beautiful place as-is. Be sure to watch the video tour to get details on what you’ll need to finish.

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Katelyn’s Reading Style Vardo $12K (sold)

Images from Katelyn

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This is a Tumbleweed Vardo Tiny House on Wheels for sale on eBay.

From the outside, you’ll see it has perfect style and is built on a small utility trailer so you can quite easily tow it anywhere you’d like.

When you go inside, you’ll find a small living area with a desk, custom cabinets, skylight, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tumbleweed Vardo Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

TW Tiny House Vardo Backyard Office For Sale 01

Images © eBay/raylp

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This is a 70 sq. ft. vardo caravan wagon.

The Trillium Caravan is a sleeper camper in the traditional style of the 19th Century English vardo, built by master woodworker Jim Tolpin.

Jim says, “It is impeccably detailed in hand-hewn wood and steel fabricated to the highest highway-worthy standards. One needn’t sacrifice the beauty of traditional materials and antique fixtures for modern convenience.”

The interior offers ample seating–and comfortably sleeps two adults in a queen-size bed. There are beautiful stained glass windows in the front and back of the wagon to allow sunlight to come in.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

70 Sq. Ft. Trillium Vardo Caravan Wagon

Trillium Vardo Caravan Wagon-001

Images © Jim Tolpin

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