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This 186 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels is called Thousand Crow. It was built for a 50-year-old woman in Vancouver who wanted to own her own tiny home. Since Vancouver is known as the 2nd most unaffordable place to own a home in the world, according to CBC, Isabella Mori decided to go tiny so she can actually own her own home without going broke or struggle to pay for a house.

She found a builder named John from a company called Camera Buildings and after spending $39,000 she now owns her very own tiny house on wheels. She didn’t have to build it herself and she’s living in it legally at an RV park. The queen bed rolls out from underneath the ground so there’s no upstairs sleeping loft either. And there’s lots of built-in storage throughout this tiny house including built-in floor storage. What do you think, could this be the perfect tiny house design?🤔

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Woman Moves into 186 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home, Despite Affordable Housing Crisis

She moved into a modern 186-square-foot tiny house in Vancouver

Images © Isabella Mori

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I’m happy to be showing you this 400 sq. ft. small cottage designed by Smallworks Studios in Vancouver.

They’re a company focused on building small homes personalized their clients specific needs and I’m personally quite a fan of their work.

A Laneway House is a home built in an alley in the backyard on the current lot of an existing house. In other words, a guest house. They can also be referred to as accessory dwelling units.

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400 Sq. Ft. Small Cottage by Smallworks


Images © SmallWorks

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I thought you might also enjoy this laneway small house by Smallworks Studio called the Arts & Crafts 750. Typically this type of home is built facing a back alley or alley.

Because laneway homes are built this way they are usually well under 1000 square feet. This one is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom with one car garage home with about 750 square feet of interior space plus 225 square feet of garage space. Special features include an upstairs balcony, closet space in both rooms, and full kitchen. Inside there’s plenty of storage space, a nice living room and there’s plenty of enjoyable outdoor space too.

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750 Sq. Ft. Laneway Small House


Images: Smallworks

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If you’re into simple living but tiny living is too much you’re in the right place because today I’m showing you an 800 sq. ft. small house by Lanefab.

It’s a one-bedroom one-bath with a garage and it’s a two-story design. When you walk in (maybe after you park your car in the garage) you’re greeted by an entry.

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Simple Living in a Small House w/ Garage

I think you’ll enjoy the rest of the tour below:

My question is…

How would you like to live here instead of in a tiny house?

Just curious. Let us know in the comments.

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Meet Brendon and Akua who built a 500-square-foot small house in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The home was designed and constructed with the help of Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing in Vancouver.

A while back we featured Paula and Skip’s 500-square-foot home from Smallworks Studios which you may also like. Brendon and Akua went with Laneway’s West Coast Loft model which features a loft bedroom, luxurious kitchen, living area with balcony, and a garage. They built it in Brendon’s parent’s backyard so they didn’t have to buy additional land. Since it has a flat roof you can easily add solar panels or even a living roof.

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Couple’s 500-Square-Foot Small House

Couple's 500-Square-Foot Small House

Photo Credits Brendon and Akua of http://buildsmall.blogspot.com

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