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This is a tiny house in Turkey and it’s being towed by a compact car!

It’s a 15-ft. tiny house on wheels built by Groupage in Turkey. They listed the tiny house over at Tiny House Marketplace for $19,000. In the video below, you can see the tiny house being towed by what seems to be a Fiat compact car with a diesel engine.

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Tiny House On A Trailer in Turkey

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This is an off-grid tiny cabin on the border of Turkey and Greece by SO? Mimarklik Ve Fikriyat | Architecture and Ideas in Istanbul.

According to Humble Homes, the 194 sq. ft. tiny home, nicknamed “Cabin on the Border,” was built in 2018 and serves as an off-grid get-away.

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Off-Grid Tiny Cabin on the Border of Turkey and Greece by Architecture Firm in Istanbul

Off-Grid Tiny Cabin on the Border of Turkey and Greece 001

Images © SO? Mimarklik Ve Fikriyat | Architecture and Ideas

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This earthbag tiny house story is a guest post by Atulya K. Bingham – share yours

My name is Atulya K. Bingham. I never thought I’d build my own house. I hadn’t so much as considered it. As far as I knew, I didn’t particularly even like building. I’d never so much as banged in a nail.

Then one night it became clear. As a rain-laden gust of wind lifted the back of my tent clean off the platform, I realized I was going to have to make a home. If I didn’t, either I’d be washed off the Turkish mountain I was camped on, or dragged back to the dreaded day job.

As pools of water collected at the bottom of my sleeping bag, the decision was forged. A friend of mine a few hours along the Turkish coast had built some earthbag bungalows. He’d said the process was straight forward.

There were only two problems: I had just $6000 left in my account, and a month before deep winter set in. After a couple of days of online research, I took a deep breath and embarked on what became the earthbag adventure. It was an endeavor that by its completion had taken me to places I had no idea I could go, and brought in all kinds of on-lookers, doubters, helpers, and life-savers.

Today I’m sitting inside that beautiful handcrafted home. It’s small, 6 meters diameter, but it feels like a palace to me. Not one drop of cement was used and it is 100 percent solar powered. A house isn’t simply a shelter. It’s a life. My home has enabled me to leave behind a world of mind-numbing work and unhealthy lifestyle choices and has given me the chance to live my dream of becoming an author. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

One Woman’s Path to Freedom with an Earthbag Tiny House


Images © The Mud Home

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