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Bette Presley, of Arroyo Grande, was already living relatively small before she decided to go tiny.

She downsized from her Grandmothers’ Club mobile home park into her own Tumbleweed Tiny House of just 166 square feet.

Part of the goal, she says, is to save her five adult children from having to go through all of her belongings when she passes.

Even better, she hopes she can completely avoid having to go into a nursing home and instead, just stay in her beautiful Tumbleweed cabin.

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72-year-old Woman goes Tiny: Simple Retirement in a 166 Sq. Ft. Cabin

Image Credit: Gayle Cuddy for The Tribune

Since the clutter is now gone, she can enjoy nature, live simply, and enjoy her family more.

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I haven’t shared the news from Tumbleweed tiny houses with you yet.

They’ve recently released their new Cypress 20 tiny house design and plans.

Cypress 20 Tiny House

This model is much like the Fencl but this one’s 20′ long instead of 19′.

So it’s just a bit larger and designed differently inside. Let me show you.

cypress 20 tiny house

It may look like you’ve seen it before because it resembles most of Tumbleweed’s designs, but I assure you it’s new:

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The biggest…littlest…um, the latest news in Tiny: La Petite Maison. I’m sure you’ve heard of it; it isn’t all that new, but this 12 year old girl has been taking the tinyverse by storm.

She has been featured in a guest post on the Tumbleweed Tiny House blog. She appeared on Andrew Odom’s r(E)vo Convo Podcast.

She and her Mom even got a chance to visit the Tiny r(e)volution while it was still in Georgia. She also recently visited the Tiny House Showcase, Boneyard Studios, in Washington DC.

There is almost nothing that Sicily Kolbeck hasn’t done and she isn’t even thirteen. As far as anyone knows, Sicily is the youngest tiny house builder on record.

I really wish I had her level of confidence when I was her age.

Sicily and a Nail Gun. Photo from La Petite Maison

Please read below, because Sicily is doing so much more! 

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Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen author of Humble Homes, Simple Shacks gives you a tour of the original Tumbleweed tiny house built by Jay Shafer.

He’s also the host of Tiny Yellow House and the blogger behind RelaxShacks.com. Let’s go…

Jay Shafer’s First Tumbleweed Tiny House: A Tour with Deek

The little house is currently in Boston and is actually up for sale. So if you really like it, consider inquiring below.

It hasn’t been lived in for a while so it isn’t currently furnished but it has a micro kitchen, living area, bathroom and upstairs sleeping loft.

Deek gives you a tour of Jay Shafer's first Tumbleweed Tiny House
Photo Courtesy of Derek Diedricksen via YouTube

The Video Tour

Length: 8:54

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Chris Miller of Forbes interviews a co-worker, Adam, who lives in a tiny house on a trailer.

The home sits on a 9′ by 18′ trailer and is just 130 square feet.

Adam was initially inspired to downsize back in 2007.

Within a year and a half he had purchased building plans and began construction.

His motives were to create his own home that he can take with him.

He’d lived in apartments and homes before but was always missing that permanent home feeling.

Today he’s got that with his little house and he’s able to take it with him wherever he chooses to go.

Engineer Lives in a Tiny House on a Trailer

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