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Here’s a gorgeous tiny house built on a Tumbleweed Trailer. It’s been home to Aja and Dan, and their cat, for the past four years. However, they’ve been given an opportunity to buy some land and are now planning on upsizing — so the home is for sale!

It features gorgeous skylights, a loft bedroom, galley kitchen with bright red refrigerator and a bathroom with a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

They’re asking $50,000, and it’s for sale in Margarettville, NY on Facebook Marketplace. You can scroll through their Instagram to see how they’ve been living in the THOW up until now.

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192 Square Foot THOW Perfect for One or a Couple!

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“One of the best things in life is to find out that you are perfectly happy without the things you thought you needed the most!”

Susan says that’s her favorite saying, and it couldn’t be more relevant to tiny house living! As a retiree (“who isn’t getting any younger”), Susan chose to go tiny even though she still owns her 800 square foot home (which she lived in for 50 years!) outright. Owning that land allows her to classify her tiny as an RV, and keeps her from paying a mortgage or lot rent. She uses a room in the “big” house for her sewing and her treadmill, and for guests when family comes to town. Otherwise, she enjoys the minimalism of her 180 square foot abode with her adorable dog, Moxie.

She was kind enough to reach out to us and answer some questions about her tiny life — be sure to read the Q&A after touring her lovely home!

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After 40 Years of Crafting & Raising Boys, She Went Tiny!

My Robin’s Nest 014

Images via Susan

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I know open floor plans are all the rage right now, but this couple’s Tumbleweed THOW features a really cozy layout that allows for separate spaces, which I actually really like.

You walk into the kitchen, and there are storage stairs up to the loft bedroom. But then a bathroom and hallway separate that half of the house from the cozy living room and storage loft. This allows for a big comfy couch, and sometimes it’s nice to just shut a door and not see a mess, or maybe get away from your significant other (ha!).

The couple live in Durango, Colorado and are both musicians following their dreams (follow them @bailey.b.sings). Allison over at Tiny Home Tours did a great video tour and interview with them, so be sure to watch the video.

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Cozy Closed Floor Plan in This THOW!

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This is an announcement for an exciting opportunity for East Coasters (or anyone who wants to drive that direction) to stay in one of three Tumbleweed Tiny Houses that are stopping in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia this summer and fall.

It’s all part of the Jellystone Park Tiny House RV Tour: Starting this weekend (May 20) at the Jellystone Park in Gardiner, NY, three Yogi-Bear-themed tiny homes will be travelling to four Jellystone Park Camping Resorts and will remain open to vacation in while parked.

The Cindy Bear, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear tiny houses each represent their “characters” and offer plenty of amenities for a wonderful summer vacation. Check out the tour schedule and locations here, and then book your stay online! We’ll be featuring each of the three homes today and tomorrow.

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Three Tumbleweed THOWs Touring the East Coast!

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This is the Tootling Tranquility Tiny House, a Tumbleweed Elm that Katrina moved into five years after a major life interruption: Being diagnosed with MS in 2011:

Now years later, divorced, my house sold, major debts paid off, I started working with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, on the way I was going to redesign life further and help others. September 2016, I enrolled The Institute of Integrated Nutrition which is an online certification program to become a health coach. I want to use all my experiences in life, that have been life changers for me, to help others.

My new journey is to be a roaming health coach. I will be providing support, how to foodie videos, recipes, online programs via Skype, and travel blogs to hopefully inspire and provide strength, encouragement to others to take back their power and step outside their own comfort zone to obtain AMAZING for themselves.

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Tootling Tranquility Tiny House on Wheels

Tootling Tranquility Tiny House

Images via Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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This is Lizzy meeting her Tiny House (with a huge bathtub!) for the first time.

If you are still waiting to go tiny, I’m sure you can’t wait to feel her pure joy when she walks into her Tumbleweed home in Colorado Springs. You can watch Lizzy’s blissful reaction in her video tour, and read all about her tiny journey on her blog, LizzyFlowers. Enjoy 🙂

Lizzy Meets Her Tumbleweed Tiny House for the First Time!

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This is a custom 8’x20′ Elm Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels for sale with loft dormers that was built in 2013 using Elm plans. Update: SOLD

Laura Loescher and her partner purchased this custom-built Tumbleweed earlier this year to temporarily use while designing and building two other tiny homes from scratch to perfectly meet their needs. So now, they no longer need this one!

While they had it they did a few renovations and upgrades but it is now ready to sell since they are getting ready for two new tiny homes- one to use a kitchen and bathroom and the other as a single, large, and open tiny home. Pretty cool, right? So if you’re interested in their old Tumbleweed tiny house, learn more about it below. Selling price is $45,000. (SOLD) Thank you!

Custom Elm Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels For Sale (SOLD)

Custom Tumbleweed Elm Tiny House For Sale

Images © Ashland Tiny House

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This custom tiny cottage on wheels for sale. It is 170 sq. ft. or 8.5′ x 20′ tiny house on a double axle trailer.

The original price with all added options was $57,450.00. It is currently for sale with a buy it now price of $42,550.00 on eBay. When you go inside this tiny house immediately to your right side is the large kitchen with stainless appliances. There is an open living area with lots of windows, a bathroom with custom shower and vanity sink, and a private bedroom with pocket door. Up the ladder to the loft is an additional sleeping or storage area. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Custom Tiny Cottage on Wheels For Sale


Images © eBay/jamiefay03

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Bette Presley, of Arroyo Grande, was already living relatively small before she decided to go tiny.

She downsized from her Grandmothers’ Club mobile home park into her own Tumbleweed Tiny House of just 166 square feet.

Part of the goal, she says, is to save her five adult children from having to go through all of her belongings when she passes.

Even better, she hopes she can completely avoid having to go into a nursing home and instead, just stay in her beautiful Tumbleweed cabin.

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72-year-old Woman goes Tiny: Simple Retirement in a 166 Sq. Ft. Cabin

Image Credit: Gayle Cuddy for The Tribune

Since the clutter is now gone, she can enjoy nature, live simply, and enjoy her family more.

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