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Sawyer was going for a run when he had a sudden heart attack. Thankfully, some firefighters found Sawyer and immediately got him the help he needed. That experience was the catalyst that sent him and Courtney on tiny living journey. They watched Craigslist for a while until an inexpensive, local box truck popped up.

They took their time sourcing free and inexpensive items for their build-out and the results are amazing! For just $14k, they have a fully-functional home including a wet bath and elevator bed that allows them to have a bedroom and living room all in one cozy spot. What do you think?

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Amazing Box Truck Budget Build-Out Under $14K

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Meet Jude! This wonderful woman is living in her truck home and using her golden years to travel the gorgeous country of New Zealand (we’re all jealous!). She has a YouTube channel where she shares all the cool places she goes and what it’s like to live tiny.

Her home features a giant picture window where she can sit and read, but that transforms into a single guest bed with a pulley bed! She also has a double bed which she sleeps on that pulls out from the couch. She takes a couple of steps up to her kitchen area complete with an awesome pull-out pantry, and her 3/4 bathroom is at the back of the home.

Enjoy her video tour at the end of the post!

Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes like this one – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

Jude’s Amazing New Zealand Truck Home Life

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This is a DIY Tiny Housetruck shown to you by Cheap RV Living.

It includes a tiny two-burner stove stop, a large lofted bed area with lovely views from her giant skylights, and plenty of cleverly-designed storage compartments for food, clothes and more.

Take the video tour of her space with Cheap RV Living below!

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Parker’s DIY House on a Flatbed!

Screenshots via Cheap RV Living

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