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This is Jono’s handbuilt truck camper.

He and his father built it together, and you can see the entire construction process on Flickr.

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below.

Jono’s Hand-built Truck Micro Camper


Images via Jono

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This is a custom Dodge Ram Truck Camper with solar built by Jeremy Tuffli of Tuffli Built.

My name is Jeremy and I built a custom camper shell for my [Dodge Ram]. It is made of western red cedar, douglas fir, birch plywood, and marine grade epoxy for the roof.

I have been checking out your website for inspiration so I thought I would share my own project.

Have you ever thought about building your own truck camper? Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Custom Dodge Ram Truck Camper

Custom Tuffli Built Dodge Ram Truck Camper 001

Images © Tuffli Built

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When Chase Lawler wanted a wooden micro camper for the back of his pick up truck, he couldn’t find anyone who sold them or even custom built them.

So he decided to design and build his own truck camper using wood instead of metal and fiberglass. Chase uses it for festivals, skiing, surfing, and just exploring.

Since a full sized mattress fits inside, it’s pretty comfortable. And there’s still room to keep pillows and gear inside too. The camper is waterproof and sealed with polyurethane. Lawler is offering to build them for clients prices starting at $880.

Man Designs/Builds Wooden Micro Truck Camper


Images © Chase Lawler

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One of our readers, Mark Lacroix designed and built his own micro cabin for his truck. Yesterday I showed you his off grid tiny/small cabin which you can see photos of.

His micro cabin though is basically a custom truck bed camper for his Toyota Tacoma. Recently he had to move out of his 16’x20′ cabin. And since a tiny house on a trailer is big and way more expensive he figured a camper for his truck would be better for his situation. I’ll let him tell the story, in his own words, below:

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Why a Micro Truck Cabin…

Micro Cabin for Tacoma Truck - Custom Truck Bed Camper

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