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Liz & Brandon love climbing and both had some experience with tiny living. They decided as a couple to find a tiny rig that could allow them more time to climb and better access to the best spots.

While they debated with 4-wheel-drive vans, those were expensive! So instead, they found a truck and built a remove-able cabin which was then lifted and strapped onto the truck bed frame. The interior has a cozy cabin vibe, and yes, they have a toilet inside.

All told, they spent around $12K on their truck home that comes in at just around 100 square feet.

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Their Remove-able Timber Truck Bed Camper

Beep Beep Birdhouse DIY Truck Bed Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Man, talk about a heart-wrenching and inspiring story! Andrew Muse left home after high school and hit the road. Eventually he saved up for a truck and truck camper which he and his dog, Booter, used to travel the country and live in all kinds of amazing places.

But on a trip home, he got in a horrible car crash that totaled his home, destroyed all his belongings, and sadly, killed his dog.

Somehow, despite having lost everything, Andrew got back on his feet and spent nearly two years building the most incredible truck home! He took his time to make sure this next rig was the best yet. Now he, his girlfriend, and their dog Kicker travel and enjoy all kinds of adventure sports, which he documents on his YouTube channel here.

You’ll love the video tour from Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey which you can watch at the end of the post.

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Andrew’s Adventure Truck Build

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