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This 13-foot tiny house was designed as an office for a health professional, and I can hardly think of a more lovely spot to have an office visit! There’s a comfortable bench for patients, a consultation desk with sleek chairs, and even a 3/4 bathroom with a shower.

A mini wood-burning stove provides warmth during the cooler weather, and a number of windows allow beautiful natural light indoors. Would you like to be a patient here?

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A Baluchon-Built 13 Ft. Mobile Office

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home. 17

Images: Baluchon

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Brennan built this micro-cabin on wheels that packs so much into just 55 square feet! Step onto the flip-down deck and walk inside to the kitchenette space that includes a 2 burner propane cooktop, micro sink, a mini-fridge/freezer, and butcher block countertops.

Just beyond the kitchen is the living/dining/bedroom. During the daytime, it’s easily set up as a corner bench with a flip-up table, and at night it converts to a full-sized bed. It would work well as an office space or even as a tiny Airbnb if you had other access to a restroom. What do you think?

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Modern, Mobile Micro Cabin for $36k

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It’s not news that many people who previously worked in offices 9-5 are now enjoying (or hating) work-at-home positions. Jobs that previously tied people to a particular location now allow folks to live anywhere — even tiny! If you’re someone like this, you might love this tiny house.

No need to work at the kitchen table or your couch or your bed — there’s a dedicated office space in the front, complete with drawers to store paperwork and office supplies. In addition to the office, there’s a storage loft, bedroom loft, full kitchen, and full bathroom. What do you like about this model?

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The Perfect Remote-Work Tiny House Layout

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This is a 192 sq. ft. tiny house that was built as an office.

It’s built by Kanga Room Systems out of Waco, Texas.

12′ x 16′ Kanga Kwik Room

192 Sq Ft Kanga Kwik Room

Photos via Kanga

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These are some very nifty tiny mobile showcase for products at the Subaru WinterFest, built by F9 Productions.

Not only can you walk up to the top and hang out while watching the skiers and snowboarders zoom down the mountains, you can head inside to see some cool merchandise or sit under the giant folding awnings and enjoy a hot beverage! Cool 🙂 (or should I say, warm!).

Just some more inspiration for tiny retail spaces! They called this project “Tiny House Two.”

Tiny Mobile Showcase by F9 Productions

Image via PBS

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I don’t meet many other “Natalies” so I was thrilled when this Natalie contacted us with pictures of her Tiny Studio in a Camper Trailer.

Natalie Kay owns “Off the Beaten Press,” a business selling her prints and artwork, from this adorable little space. She told us this small space helps her stay financially unburdened. Good for her! If you want, you can shop at her online store, read her blog (with details about the tiny studio) or have her design something special for you.

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Natalie’s Tiny Studio in a Camper Trailer

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I had to show you this tiny and luxurious backyard office that’s for sale by Gary Wagoner who shared his 8×12 ROOST tiny house design with us recently.

He’s selling this backyard office to raise money to buy a trailer to build out his latest ROOST design. With an asking price of only $1,700 I think this is a great deal if you’re in the Kettering, Ohio area.

It can easily be used as a tiny guest cabin, hobby room, music room, man cave, a tiny writing cabin, or we can just keep calling it an office. 😀

He Designed And Built This Tiny And Luxurious Backyard Office


Images © Gary Wagoner

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Anytime the folks over at Faircompanies publish a video I get excited because they’ve always got something new, exciting and interesting to share when it comes to living big in tiny spaces. Today I’m showing you a video tour of a small business in Paris who turned a rooftop elevator engine room into an amazing little office workspace that doubles for leisure, too.

It’s a 183 square foot space that had been completely ignored and unused for years since the elevator engine was removed years ago from the room. Once they discovered this space they started to get even more creative and started designing, gutting and building the space.

Today it’s an incredible little space that offers so much in terms of storage, sleeping, and workspace. Since this little 183 sq. ft. space is rooftop on a building they’re lucky enough to have plenty of ‘underground’ storage. This means they’re able to hide a lot of stuff out of sight. And they were also able to create some nifty little features that anyone might enjoy. Like the sofa bed that’s unveiled directly from the floor!

DIY Rooftop Office Conversion: Leisure & Work In One


Images © Faircompanies

This little room often times has three or four people actively working in it- and sometimes even five or six- so there’s a flip up desk, whiteboard, and another large desk so that there’s functional space for the entire team (see more below):

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OfficePOD is a company that caters to the growing number of people who work from home.

This product helps remove distractions to increase efficiency.

Tiny, Beautiful, Modern Backyard Offices by OfficePOD

I think more people will begin to work from home because technology makes it easier every year.

It’s also better for the environment and reduces commuting.

Tiny structures like these make it possible to have your office moved in the case that you re-locate.


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