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Remember our story last week about Virginia’s retirement van-life? Meet Madison and Raynor (@vandmvanlife on Instagram), the masterminds behind her off-grid van renovation. This couple created their own solar-powered van and has created a whole business (Ray Outfitters) helping clients in Canada reach their tiny-living dreams.

After finding out the hard way that a 5th wheel RV can’t stand up to Canadian winters, Raynor — a licensed automotive mechanic — outfitted his own van capable of withstanding -40 Celsius temperatures. They’ve lived in this van for two years and are now in the process of building a permanent workshop where they can assist more clients. Be sure to read our interview with the couple below and watch their full van tour to see where they’ve hidden a composting toilet!

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Off-Grid Sprinter Van Renovation (Interview & Tour)

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Emily and her husband Cameron first lived together in a narrowboat before moving back on land into a stationary caravan in the United Kingdom, which means they’re no strangers to living tiny.

She’s decorated the place into a Bohemian wonderland and they love their tiny life with their two dogs! We interviewed her about her tiny lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post. She also told us about what it’s been like living tiny during COVID-19.

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Emily’s Hippy Caravan in the United Kingdom

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Nikki & Ben live in her self-built 2017 Ford Transit that Nikki and her family converted in just 30 days!

This cabin-inspired beauty is absolutely gorgeous — and yes, it does have a toilet (hidden under the bed) and even a full oven. Nikki and Ben are Commercial Photographer/Videographers (@nikkibigger on Instagram) and are able to travel when COVID-19 isn’t keeping them in one place.

If you want the nitty-gritty on how and what she used to build her van, read her post here. But first, you’ll want to scroll through our pictures below and watch Nikki’s video tour of her van. We also got the chance to interview her, so be sure to stick around and read our Q&A with Nikki at the end of the post!

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She Renovated This Van in Just 30 Days!

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Meet Adam and Rachel. This amazing couple gave up their $1800/month mortgage to downsize into their renovated bus. The couple DIYed the entire thing!

Perhaps the most unique thing about their life on the road? They’re traveling with 5 animals! One dog, two bunnies and two cats — all of whom they rescued. How do they afford to travel? Each of them has a remote job: Rachel is an anti-captivity activist for marine mammals, and Adam has a referral and consultant business in the AV world.

During quarantine, they’ve moved their bus back “home” to Washington and are staying on family land, but there are more adventures ahead for them. Read our Q&A with Rachel and Adam (@soulfulbuslife) at the end of the post, and enjoy the video tour of their bus too!

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From Mortgage to Motoring: Life in Bus Conversion

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Just about 6 months ago Clay and Bridgette sold their 1600 sq ft house and downsized into a 230 sq ft school bus! They’re now living debt-free in San Diego, California with their dog, Piper, and cat, Shadow.

Both Clay and Bridgette (@ourdaggonebus on Instagram) are Active Duty Navy and found they weren’t using most of the space in their larger home. While they weren’t ready to commit to a tiny van, a bus allowed them to downsize and still feel comfortable in their space. They were kind enough to answer some questions about bus life, which you can find at the end of the post!

Make sure you watch their Instagram story tour as well to see all the great storage this bus conversion has. Enjoy!

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Clay & Bridgette’s Debt-Free California Skoolie Life

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Meet Megan: She’s a CPA who works full-time with small businesses, and she lives in a Mercedes Sprinter Van named “Avo” (short for “Avocado”). She found the van on Craigslist and outfitted it with help from Heartwood Custom Vans (@heartwoodcustomvans on Instagram). The van is black on the outside and green on the inside and, it is actually her second van.

Previously she shared a van with a partner, and now that she has her own space she really made it “home,” which you can tell from all the thoughtful details. Thank you to Allison of Tiny Home Tours for the awesome video tour of Megan’s van you can enjoy below.

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Megan Lives & Works Full-Time in her Avocado Sprinter Van

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Danny loves to read books, bake, sew and practice yoga and this is his incredible solar-powered bus conversion which he designed with space for all of his hobbies!

There’s open shelving everywhere for him to tuck his book collection; an oven and oodles of counter space for bread-baking; a table with space for his sewing machine and craft supplies; and last but definitely not least: A rooftop yoga porch!

After living in New York City for 33 years, Danny (@buswithnoname on Instagram) desired a slower pace of life and more time outdoors, so he made the leap and truly created a HOME on wheels.

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Super Storage in this Solar-Powered Bus Conversion And It Has A Rooftop Platform For Yoga!

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This is Ashlee Fazio’s desTINY house where she is now living the tiny dream!

She has a blog where she shares all about her tiny journey and minimalist lifestyle (follow it here!):

It’s baffling to a lot of people that I would choose to living within a 160 square foot space. But, for me, I didn’t have to think twice about living in a tiny house. Deciding to purchase the tiny house and totally change my way of life just felt right. It felt like exactly what I was meant to be doing: living a simple, sustainable life while also having the ability to pick up and move to any location at any time. Let the adventures begin!

She was gracious enough to answer some of our questions about her tiny life. See a few pictures of her home, and read our interview with her below!

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Ashlee Fazio’s desTINY House

Ashlee Fazio's desTINY House

Images via desTINY Dweller

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The idea of a tiny house lifestyle is fascinating, adventurous, and even freeing.

But you and me both know that a tiny home isn’t going to fix all of our problems.

And assuming that a tiny house is going to make all aspects of our lives better (or easier) is just plain wrong. The truth is that tiny houses work for some people, couples and even families while they fail miserably for others. But why?

That’s why I want you to see why these five people decided to leave their tiny houses and go back to a more mainstream type of home. Beware. Tiny living isn’t right for all. The good news? As the years go by, tiny living options are increasing and the lifestyle will be less challenging and more obtainable to most. Is a tiny house right for you in your life right now? Are you prepared to go tiny? Read the full article and let us know in the comments below. Either way please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

Why These 5 People Left Their Tiny Houses

Why These 5 People Left Their Tiny Homes

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