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This is a 208 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels built by SignaTour Campers.

Inside you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft that’s accessible by ladder.

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208 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © SignaTour Campers

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This tiny house story is a guest post by Stephani – share yours!

I’m building a 18 foot long tiny home. I retired from the military less than a year ago and was not sure what I wanted to do when I grew up.

So I decided to build a tiny house that I will eventually live in while attending college in Texas using my military benefits. Right now the house is being built in Nebraska.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Retired Military Woman Building Her Own Tiny House

Retired Military Woman Building Her Own Tiny House

Images © Texas Nebraska Tiny Home

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This 208 sq. ft. tiny house is a guest post by Hummingbird Micro Homes – share yours!

Hummingbird Micro Homes is based in Fernie, BC, Canada, just North of the US border. We typically custom design and build tiny homes and micro homes on wheels. We are currently offering our favorite home model for sale. This micro home on wheels is named The Cowboy and measures 20′ long by 8’6″ wide (exterior measurements), totaling 208 sq. ft. This home is available finished, ready to tow and enjoy, for $38,900 (Canadian).

The unique design is inspired by west coast design combined with a rustic modern Canadian barn look. The exterior is a combination of recycled wood and metal, with some beautiful colors. The interior features two tones of bamboo as wall coverings, pine tongue and groove on the ceiling, and vinyl flooring. The bathroom is accessed by a colorful sliding barn door and includes a 32″x30″ shower and regular flush toilet.

208 Sq. Ft. Cowboy Tiny House by Hummingbird Micro Homes

hummingbird tiny house-001

Images © Hummingbird Micro Homes

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This 176 sq. ft. sustainable tiny house is a guest post by Kristen Edge – share yours!

This is the tiny house my husband, and somewhat myself, built. We used a 32′ trailer we bought from someone who was tearing down a mobile home park and put our house on it. The house is about 22′ x 8′, the deck is 9′ (still on the trailer), and the rest of the length is the tongue and our little shed in the back.

We used primarily reused materials including redwood from an old deck (which we sanded and refinished to become our deck) that we got off Craigslist. Some free old barn wood from Craigslist, the engineered, maple hardwood floor was project leftovers that we got on Craigslist, an old cedar fence from Phoenix as our siding, and most of our fixtures and other odds and ends from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Build 176 Sq. Ft. Sustainable Tiny House

176 Sq. Ft. Sustainable Tiny House-001

Images © Kristen Edge

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This is the amazing 269 sq. ft. ESCAPE Traveler Tiny House on Wheels! It’s a 269 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels. You can tow this RV-licensed 28′ long tiny house with most standard pickup trucks.

When you go inside this simply beautiful tiny home you can feel how the large windows invite the outdoors in. The kitchen has plenty of cabinets and even full-size appliances. Head into the large bathroom and you’ll find a shower, toilet, sink, and even a washing machine! Take a look above the bathroom and you’ll see there is a sleeping loft you can climb into. Plus just above the living area, there is another loft for storage. There are many layout options to choose from.

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269 Sq. Ft. ESCAPE Traveler Tiny House Has Main Floor Sleeping Plus Two Lofts!

269 Sq. Ft. ESCAPE Traveler Tiny House

Images © ESCAPE Traveler

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Want to try out tiny living? Check out this rustic modern tiny house you can rent using Airbnb.

It’s located in Portland, Oregon in a great area close to restaurants and shops. The owner’s built this tiny house using 80% reclaimed materials.

Inside you will see there is a couch that unfolds to a bed in the living area with neat Mason jar lighting. The vaulted ceilings and large windows make this tiny house seem very spacious.

The kitchen has lots of counter space and there is a stove/oven so you can prepare meals if you like. The bathroom is just beyond the kitchen.

Up the ladder, above the kitchen and bathroom, you will find the sleeping loft with a cozy queen size bed.

I love the way they decorated and used the wood on the celing to give this tiny home a cozy feel. There is a beautiful surrounding garden outside the tiny house. Please enjoy and share below.

Rustic Modern Tiny House in Portland

rustic modern tiny house in portalnd

Images © Airbnb

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This is truly a charming French country house. I’m excited to share it with you because I really love this design and layout. And I think you will too.

From the front of this French country home it seems rather small but once you go inside everything is very open and spacious. The glass windows at the top of the gable roof allows tons of sunlight to pour inside the living area making the space seem bigger than it really is.

The interior walls are wrapped in wood giving this country home a warm cozy feel. Check out the spiral stair case to the sleeping loft.

Everything about this country house is simple and pure. I hope you enjoy chekcing out this petite french country house.

Petite French Country House with Loft


Images © Vincent Gremillet

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In this post I’m introducing you to Tiny Mountain Houses. They are building tiny houses in Washington, Oregon and California.

With a great team and plenty of unique customizations for your tiny home they can have one built for you in about 4 weeks.

Wow, that’s fast, isn’t it? The starting price of their tiny homes is $34,999 and up. The Castle Peak tiny house pictured below costs $45,982.

And, they also offer 100% financing to those who qualify. Here is their 322 sq. ft. Castle Peak tiny house design. Please enjoy the photos and videos and re-share it with your tiny house friends below.

322 Sq. Ft. Castle Peak Tiny House


Images © Tiny Mountain Houses

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