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If you’re looking for a quiet WiFi-free vacation where you can truly get back to basics, why not stay at Elizabeth’s Quaint Tiny Home she built with her dad? Located in Northern Michigan just a couple miles from downtown Charlevoix, her tiny house getaway features tons of sweet touches and oodles of 5-star reviews.

She supplies you with s’mores, snacks, and even a scrapbook of the build so you can see the history and hard-work behind the place. The home is nestled in the woods with plenty of walking trails around, so you can get outside and enjoy a little forest-bathing. What do you think?

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Take a Break from Real Life in Elizabeth’s Quaint Tiny Home


Images via Elizabeth/Airbnb

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Elise Akin is just 25 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from running her own Longboard Shop/Bakery (Bake and Skate) and building her very own mortgage-free tiny house which she’s been living in since January.

She calls it the “Jungalow” and appropriately so — the inside is a tropical oasis, filled with plants, mosaic tiles, and jungle wall art. She plans to rent out the space on Airbnb soon, too, which is super cool! We got the pleasure of interviewing her, so please check out the Q&A at the end of the post.

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Jungalow Tiny House: Home & Getaway!


Images via Hola Tiny House

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The only thing better than a unique vacation spot is a historical vacation spot, and you get both with this 1926 Caboose Tiny House getaway in North Carolina!

The real train caboose has been transformed into a tiny home, complete with a living room, queen-sized bed, and kitchenette with a dishwasher!

But what really seals the deal is the attached bathroom “depot” which is larger than the caboose itself! Talk about luxury. The attached porch has plenty of seating so you can relax and take in the gorgeous, very private, views. Thanks to The Hive Drive Bus for sending us pictures and a video tour of their stay at the caboose!

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Stay in this 1926 Caboose, NC

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Remember the owners of Tiffany the Tiny House and how they had purchased an island and were building a tiny octagonal foundation home to use as a rental? Well, the house is now complete!

Tim & Sam temporarily moved into the vacation spot on Shellmate Island (@shellmateisland on Instagram) so they can work out the kinks and get it ready for guests. Soon enough they’ll be putting it on Airbnb (we’ll keep you posted!) and you can enjoy a piece of their island paradise! You might also like to hear that they got approval to build the home and worked with zoning/building regulators to get it “legal.”

The 320 square foot home structure came from Deltec Homes. According to the couple, “Its unique octagon shape and custom truss system has given this home design a 99.9% success rate in the last 50 years to all major category 5 hurricanes throughout the world, making this the strongest tiny house on a foundation in the world!” Wow!

They are moving Tiffany this week from the campground where they’ve been parked and are bringing her “home” to Shellmate Island!

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Tim & Sam’s Octagon Home on Shellmate Island is Complete!

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This is a gorgeous spot for your next vacation! The Mother Eve Tiny House is fairytale-inspired and even includes an outdoor hot tub.

The Tudor-style entryway feels like Snow White should be hiding indoors, and just look at the arched doorway! When you enter you’ll find a lovely living room with a green velvet couch and plush pink rug, a loft bedroom for getting your beauty sleep, and a kitchen and bathroom worthy of a princess.

You can book your future stay over at Airbnb, or over at Zion Tiny Oasis.

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Stay in This Fairytale Tiny House With a Hot Tub!

Mother Eve Fairytale Tiny House

Images via Zion Tiny Oasis

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What a cute tiny home mountain retreat for your next vacation (which is hopefully soon!). If you are thinking about buying a tiny house on wheels, I highly recommend staying a few nights (or a whole week!) in one to get an idea of what it’d really be like.

Of course, living in a space is much different than staying for a short time, but this is a very standard compact THOW that would help you get your feet wet. It sleeps up to three, has heating and air conditioning and is fully stocked with linens and towels. There is a grill outside as well as a community hot tub. And you can’t beat the views!

Book your stay at GlampingHub!

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Try out THOW Life in this Colorado Tiny Home

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