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I had some questions related to tiny houses and trailers for Andrew Odom over at Tiny r(E)volution and he was kind enough to share his advice with us.

If you’re considering building a tiny house on wheels this post will give you perspective as to what it’s like to prepare a used trailer for your future tiny house.

Alex: Before you got your trailer, what options were Crystal and considering?

Andrew: Our path to getting to where we are now started back in mid-2010. As a couple Crystal and I were bouncing back from our lives as single folk which included living all over the map, investing in only the day’s expenses, and trying to merge two very independent lives. We knew we wanted to find a place of our own to live but we weren’t sure we wanted to take on a mortgage….well, we weren’t even sure where we wanted to live. Since we met as missionaries on a cross-country tour it seemed perfectly normal and perfectly logical for us to find a small RV (even to this day we dream of a Mini Winne) and take to the open road until we found we belonged. Alas, I realized I needed to get a job (I had been self-employed) that offered a bit more stability for us. In finding that job we realized that perhaps the RV should give way to a house.

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An Interview on Tiny House Trailers w/ Andrew Odom

Andrew Odom's trailer from old RV for his tiny house on wheels

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Hello fellow tiny house enthusiasts! I’m looking for your questions/concerns/experiences on trailers for tiny homes.

Would you be willing to share your thoughts real quick?

Are trailers something that you even need help with? If so, let me know how I can help. You might find the ideas listed at the bottom of this post helpful. I will be using your feedback for future posts, ebooks, videos, and interview questions. Thank you so much in advance for your suggestions. I truly appreciate it because it helps me serve you better later on.

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What are your questions about tiny house trailers?

Aldo's Tiny House Living Project - Trailer with Floor Framing

Photo Courtesy of Aldo Lavaggi

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