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In a tiny house, using every inch of space is of utmost importance. That’s why the closet!BOOM! system is such a great way to organize your hanging clothing in a compact area. This innovative closet rod allows you to hang clothing on special thin hangers and then push the whole arm flat against the wall.

The company sells the “naked” rods, or you can also purchase thin wardrobes in a number of sizes to hide the clothing. The rods and wardrobes come in a number of styles and finishes to fit any decor. If you have a larger side table, you can even stagger the rods to get up to 3x the storage space. What do you think?

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Best Way To Hang Clothes in a Tiny House?

ClosetBoom Compact Solution for Hanging Clothes in a Tiny Home 2

Images by closet!BOOM!

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This is the Depot Alpine Tiny House with tons of storage.

This is a 30 ft bumper pull that features engineered hardwood floors, custom cabinets, quartz counters, storage under the stairs, toe kick pull out drawers under the cabinets and a skylight that opens for roof access. The skylight also has screen door on it. The exterior is a tongue and groove siding with a board batten metal as well. This was a custom build sold for $75,000.

See pictures below and get in touch with builder Alpine Tiny Homes here if you want a similar THOW for yourself or have more questions!

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Depot Alpine Tiny House with Tons of Storage!

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I got an email recently from Johanna Paige, a grade school PE teacher who invented a nifty solution to counter-less bathrooms.

A mix between a medicine cabinet and a table, this wall-mounted organizational tool allows you to hide your make-up, medicine, and toiletries, and have some extra counter space in your tiny house bathroom. Even cooler? It acts like a piece of art, because you can add prints and pictures to the glass frame.

Even though this is perfect for a bathroom, it could work in a tiny house kitchen or living space too — wherever you need a little more storage! If you want, you can get yours on Amazon today.

My Flip Frame: Tiny House Furniture Solutions

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This is the SHEDsistence Tiny House. We’ve featured this great build in the past (and even named it one of our favorites of 2016!), but it turns out there are now new, even better images of the home that we get to share with you.

The 204 sq. ft. tiny was the DIY brainchild of Robert and Samantha, an architect and nurse who spent 14 months and $30,000 designing and building their very own tiny home. They’ve now lived in it for a whole year and wrote a fantastic post about their first 365 days of tiny home living. It’s well worth a read!

SHEDsistence: The Finished Product A Year in Review

Images via SHEDsistence

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