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Remember the Potato cabin? That was the brainchild of Kristie Wolfe, and she’s back at it again with her most ambitious project yet! A set of five “Moonpass Lookouts” inspired by fire lookouts set on the 55-acre historic site of the Great Fire of 1910 in Idaho. These vacation cabins will feature smart glass roofs to allow for stargazing and private saunas/bathrooms.

Her Indiegogo campaign has blown up in popularity, so the lookouts can begin production! You can support the project now and book your stay in advance. The property will include a museum of the fire lookouts, the Great Fire of 1910, and the heroic deeds of so many people who helped reign in the flames.

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New Lookout Tower Cabins with Private Saunas

MoonPass Lookouts 55

Images via Kristie Wolfe

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Katie’s Kottage, designed and built by Christine Plum of Plum Construction, is a perfect example of a small vacation home with oodles of style.

At 688 square feet, the house features a front porch, breakfast nook and even under-the-stairs reading cubby that doubles as a single bed. Up a grand staircase you’ll find one queen canopy bed, and then downstairs is a second queen bedroom. The compact kitchen in the back of the house has everything you’ll need to cook up a meal!

The cottage sits in Galveston, Texas, and is available for rent on Airbnb. To contact Christine about your own tiny house build in this area, you can go to her website.

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Katie’s Kottage by Plum Construction in Galveston, Texas

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