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This is a genius, adaptable, queen murphy bed that also serves as a table by Cornerstone Tiny Homes out of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

It’s the perfect way to make a living area in a tiny house serve three purposes… a cozy living area, a dining space, and a bedroom. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Queen Murphy Bed, Table, And Lounge, In This Cornerstone Tiny Homes Design

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In this episode of Living Big In A Tiny House (YouTube) with Bryce Langston, he shows you the top storage ideas for tiny homes. These are really useful because if you’re looking to downsize, you’ll still find yourself with plenty of stuff. So storage ideas like this are crucial!

And I couldn’t really think of a better person to show you this, because Bryce and his partner Rasa have shown us some of the most incredible tiny houses over the years through their now-legendary channel on YouTube.

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Top Storage Ideas From 25 Incredible Tiny Homes… Like This Storage-Bed…

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This is an amazing series of furniture designs, including a hideaway staircase, designed by Zev Bianchi of BCOMPACT in Australia.

The staircase in particular, would be great for a tiny or small house. What do you think?

You’ve got to check it out below. Enjoy!

Amazing Hideaway Staircase Design (Perfect for Tiny House Loft Access)

Hiding Staircase by Zev Bianchi of BCOMPACT 001

Image via Home Insider/Facebook

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This is the “All I Own House” designed by PKMN Architectures for Yolanda.

On the outside you can see this is a standard single-family home in Madrid, but when you walk inside you’ll find an amazing multi-functional space. By using storage shelves on casters, Yolanda can create a living room, bedroom and kitchen by sliding her walls across the floor. Where’s the bed? It’s tucked in one of the units and folds out Murphy-style.

Check out the pictures and then enjoy the video to see her home “in action.”

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All I Own House in Madrid by PKMN Architectures

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This post is all about multipurpose furniture that will make you fall in love with tiny spaces!

Expand Furniture sells all kinds of amazing pieces that bend, stretch, collapse and expand to meet multiple needs. I included multiple videos of the pieces “in action” as well as some pictures of the furniture just hanging out. You’ll find a couch/coffee table/Murphy bed, a desk that transforms into dining table, the most compact office you’ve ever seen and more.

Want to purchase one of these pieces? Head over to Expand Furniture’s website, where you can buy any of the things seen below!

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Expand Furniture: Coolest Tiny House Decor

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Some of my favorite tiny houses are those that make great use of reclaimed materials. It’s awesome to re-purpose the old and make it something new, both because it adds character, and because it’s better for the environment in most cases.

That’s where Reclaimed West in Colorado comes in. This company makes it their job to find materials (like old barns) to reclaim. Some of the stuff they use to create furniture and art, and some of it they sell in it’s raw state for builders and artists to re-purpose.

If you are still in the planning stages of your tiny house journey, it’s worth taking a look at the materials and finished products they offer!

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Reclaimed West: Re-Purposed Tiny House Materials

Images via Reclaimed West

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So this is fun! It’s a new collapsible chair, called the Ollie Chair, that’s perfect for tiny spaces.

The Ollie Chair, designed by RockPaperRobot, easily “unfurls” and then retracts by tugging a string — does it get easier? I really love the modern feel of the chair, and I could see them sitting behind a table in a tiny house. Pull out the table, unfurl the chairs, and eat, work or play.

You can support the Ollie Chair on Kickstarter, and get some early bird specials. Plus, you’ll see it in action, which is super fun!

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Ollie Chair: Space-Saving Furniture for Tiny Homes

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I got an email recently from Johanna Paige, a grade school PE teacher who invented a nifty solution to counter-less bathrooms.

A mix between a medicine cabinet and a table, this wall-mounted organizational tool allows you to hide your make-up, medicine, and toiletries, and have some extra counter space in your tiny house bathroom. Even cooler? It acts like a piece of art, because you can add prints and pictures to the glass frame.

Even though this is perfect for a bathroom, it could work in a tiny house kitchen or living space too — wherever you need a little more storage! If you want, you can get yours on Amazon today.

My Flip Frame: Tiny House Furniture Solutions

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Today I want to introduce you to Culshaw Kitchenettes, some absolutely gorgeous kitchens for tiny homes!

Culshaw sells five different kitchenette styles, which I’ll show you below. You might remember seeing one of them in the Hivehaus Modular Homes we featured last year.

Keep in mind that, at least for now, it looks like these are only available in the UK.

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Culshaw Kitchenettes: Furniture for Tiny Houses

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