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Mégane and Cédric purchased their tiny home about two years ago and have it situated on one of the most idyllic pieces of property in France! Whether the land is snow-covered or dappled with wildflowers, it looks absolutely magical. They are growing fruit trees and bushes and have a lovely garden and chickens as well.

Inside, they have a professionally-outfitted kitchen, loft bedroom, and a living room with a huge picture window that looks out on their property. They have wood heating and solar power, and a beautiful covered front porch. Read their story below and enjoy the photos!

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Off-Grid Tiny Home with Lush Land!

Their Dream Tiny & Homestead, Barbare, in France 16

Images via @tinybarbare

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Barbara wanted a tiny house for full-time living, and the name “Orana” comes from the Tahitian word for “hello.” And her Baluchon-built tiny home on wheels is most definitely welcoming!

Huge sliding doors lead into the living room, with a couch and desk area for working-from-home. The kitchen is compact (no refrigerator, per the owner’s request), and the bathroom has a large standing shower and corner composting toilet. Enjoy the tour below!

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Full Time in her 19-ft. Modern Tiny Home Custom Built by Baluchon

Orana Baluchon 20

Images via Baluchon

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Meet the gorgeous Sïana tiny house, built for mother-daughter duo, Blandine and Anaïs, who live in it full-time. The name of the tiny house is the daughter’s name spelled backwards, which is pretty fun.

Both mom and daughter have their own loft bedroom, and they are connected by a taut net that creates a bridge between them! It’s a really cool way to need only one set of stairs, and to allow for light to flow throughout the tiny house. There’s also a cozy living room with bar seating and a sofa couch, and a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Mom & Daughter Get a Baluchon Tiny House Build!

Tiny house Sïana 4

Images via Baluchon

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Look at the dazzling Kiwi Tiny House by Baluchon. Their latest project was designed as a guest house for rent at Le Boulay in Segré in Anjou Bleu, France.

The tiny home features a living room with a pull-out sleeper sofa that can be blocked off from the rest of the home at night with a large curtain, giving kids a quiet place to sleep while their parents stay up. There’s a queen bed in the loft, a large 4-person dining table, and a kitchenette and 3/4 bathroom.

I really love the layout of this home, and the clever way to create separate spaces without closing off rooms with doors. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Baluchon’s Latest: A Tiny House Vacation in France

Kiwi Tiny House 1

Images via Baluchon

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Maud is a traveler and wanted a home that could move with her, so she asked La Tiny Homes in France to design an ecologically-friendly tiny house on wheels.

The result was a cozy and warm tiny home with tons of built-in storage for clothing, books, and everything else you’d need. The couch downstairs even becomes a second sleeping area for guests. Enjoy the photo tour!

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Maud’s Tiny House with Amazing Storage


Images via La Tiny House

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This is the Bold Tiny House (Tiny house Téméraire, in French) built by French builder Baluchon.

The exterior is a mixture of red cedar clapboards and stunning blue teal aluminium siding. Inside they painted the same beautiful blue color on two accent walls — one in the living room and another in the compact kitchen.

Under the storage stairs that go to the main loft, there’s even a little dog cubbie with a bed for your furry friend! If you live in France you can get in touch about getting your own Bold Tiny House here.

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Baluchon’s Bold Tiny House (Pet-Friendly Design)

Bold Tiny House with Dog Nook by Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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This is the 17-foot-long Granville tiny house by La Tiny House, a builder in France.

The little home includes a front porch, loft bedroom with tons of light, and a sweet tiny kitchen with sink, burners and tons of counter space. This particular one is all wood dotted with punches of color — like a neon yellow toilet seat! Might as well have fun with it!

The builder sells homes in different states of “finished” — from just shells to turn key — and this is just one of their models.

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Granville Tiny House by La Tiny House, France

Images via La Tiny House

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