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This is to let you know about the upcoming Third Annual Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival. It’s happening August 20-21, 2022 (Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5 pm) and hosted by United Tiny House.

This is a festival in the truest sense. Tiny houses, skoolies, vardos, DIYs, professional builds, and private-home owners. PLUS… workshops, speakers, presentations, live entertainment, vendors, artisans, food trucks, and MUSIC.

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Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival

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Get excited for another awesome for-charity tiny house festival hosted by United Tiny House. There will be workshops, celebrity speakers, and tons of THOWs, skoolies, and vans for you to tour.

The festival will be held in Macon, GA and all the proceeds go to charity. Win-win!

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Apr 30-May 1 THOW Festival at Tiny House Macon

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You’re invited to the Third Annual Tiny House Festival in Tennessee, hosted by United Tiny House. Two amazing days packed full of tiny house tours, workshops, food and live entertainment!

Just pay $10/person (under 12, FREE) and get admission for both days (August 14-15) to hear a number of speakers discuss everything from how to use your tiny home to make money on Airbnb, to how to find a legal spot to put your tiny. You’ll get to hear from real tiny-house-dwellers about the joys and challenges of living mini, and more.

You can get tickets here and start planning your trip!

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Get Your Tickets to This Nashville Tiny House Festival

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Things are opening up again and it’s your chance to tour tiny homes in person! The Colorado Tiny House Festival will be held July 10th and 11th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, where you’ll get to see container homes, a semi-trailer conversion, skoolies, van conversions, teardrops, yurts and more.

You can get your tickets online for $15, which gets you in on both Saturday and Sunday. Kids under 12 are FREE. Learn more below!

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Colorado Tiny House Festival Happening July 10-11, 2021 – Tickets Available For $15 Online

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Get your chance to check out all kinds of tiny living structures including THOWs, skoolies, van conversions and gyspy wagons at the Florida Tiny House Festival on November 21-22!

Social distancing guidelines will be in effect to promote safety, and while masks are not required, tiny home owners can deny entry to visitors who aren’t wearing one.

But besides home tours, there will be lots of workshops about everything from zoning to off-grid living, as well as great food, artisans and live music. Get all details at the Facebook Event here.

Want to attend an intensive workshop for building a THOW or Tiny House, or stay on site camping or in a tiny house? You can purchase tickets for an additional price for those add-ons here.

Price for the festival alone is FREE for children under 12 as well as Veterans, Badged-Law Enforcement, Active & Discharged Military, Firefighters, and On-Scene Emergency Front Line Responders with proof of status. It’s $15 for the weekend for everyone else if you buy before Nov 19th ($20 at the gate).

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See Real Tinies, Attend Workshops, Eat Great Food!

Florida Tiny House Festival

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Brattleboro Tiny House Fest grows into big ideas

Brattleboro, Vermont — Tiny House Fest Vermont (THFV) began with 5,000 attendees in 2016. As the festival grows, so does its engagement with not-so-tiny ideas. On Saturday, June 23, in downtown Brattleboro, up to 30 houses will be on view, and over 35 presenters will celebrate design while asking how the tiny house movement can change communities for the better.

TH Village

View of the Pop up Tiny House Village in downtown Brattleboro. While Hurricane Harvey passed through the area, the number of houses and attendees who came to tour tiny houses and see presenters increased over the year prior. Credit: Liz Lavorgna, Core Photography

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This is an exciting announcement for all our Colorado readers: The inaugural Colorado Tiny House Festival is coming to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg on July 28-30.

Einstyne Tiny Homes, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and Trailer Made Trailers are presenting the event which will include builders, DIY tiny homes, vendors, speakers and more.

What’s especially cool is that if you have a DIY tiny home you’d like to bring, you can let them know here. Other professional tiny house builders and anyone who considers themselves knowledgeable enough to be a speaker can also get in touch with the organizers to be included in the program.

Stay up to date on the festival’s Facebook page here, and scroll below to get more event details and buy tickets!

Announcing the Colorado Tiny House Festival, July 28-30

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This is an announcement for the Florida Tiny House Festival this November 18-20, 2016 near St. Augustine, Florida.

The event features several tiny houses on site along with some fantastic guest speakers that include Derek Diedricksen, Andrew Odom, Jewel Pearson, Jo-Anne Peck, Lora Higgins, Andrew Bennett, and more!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

2016 Florida Tiny House Festival

Fl Tiny House Festival

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