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Hey guys. I have a quick announcement on the Popomo tiny house.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your first set of plans, right now might be a great time because Tumbleweed announced a sale on their Popomo design.

This is their easiest house to build on a trailer.

It’s uniquely designed with steel siding.

Another cool thing is that it’s their widest little house design that’s on a trailer because it sits over the wheels on a flatbed style trailer.

In total it’s 8 feet and 6 inches wide inside and there’s still no special permit needed to tow it.

The cost to build is approximately $20,000 with brand new materials.

popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-005 popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-004 popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-006 popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-007 popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-008 popomo-tiny-house-for-sale-002 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Check out these other tiny houses on wheels:


The Epu tiny house is another design by Tumbleweed Houses. This house is 89 square feet with an actual porch. Well, a mini porch!

It’s made to be built on a dual axle trailer and is still very small in comparison to some of the others–making it relatively easy to move around and park.

This model has a kitchen in the rear with an open main room with a built in desk. The sleeping area is designed to be upstairs in a loft.

Estimated cost to build yourself


Price of Plans


Buying one ready-made from Tumbleweed


*Pricing is approximate and may change

Details and Floor Plan

Epu Tiny House Details and Dimensions Epu Tiny House Floor Plan


Epu Tiny House from Tumbleweed Houses

Photo credits: Tumbleweed Houses

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