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This Froggy Bottom tiny home sits quietly in the woods of Kentucky, near Cave Hollow in the gorge. You’ll find a cozy hideaway in the cabin with the “Frog and Toad” charm. The cabin has pretty red countertops, with an oven and stovetop in the kitchen.

The living room is just beyond the kitchen, and there’s a small bathroom with a shower stall and toilet. You head up a sturdy ladder and pop through the floor into the queen-sized loft bedroom. What do you think?

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Froggy Bottom Tiny Home in Cave Hollow

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Yann, his wife, and their two daughters love spending time in their getaway cabin, a tiny house on wheels he purchased from three friends who built the home as a fun project. He spent about $55,000 on the 13-foot tiny home, and has it parked in South France, about a two-hour bike ride from where their permanent home is located.

The house has all the necessities, including a small bathroom, a kitchen with a two-burner cook top for their vegetarian meals, and even a handy bike rack for his bamboo bike. His girls especially love sleeping in the netted loft above the couch. Which feature of this space do you love the most?

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Family’s Bonsai Tiny House w/ Netted Loft

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Here’s another lovely getaway spot at Tiny Haven in West Virginia. Situated on some 10 acres of beautiful wooded and pastured land, the Egret tiny house has a lovely front porch with mountain views!

Inside you’ll find a loft bedroom accessible by storage steps, a functional kitchen with a hot plate, microwave and fridge, and a cozy living area with a fun blue couch! In the bathroom there’s a shower and composting toilet as well.

Book your stay at Tiny Haven here.

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The Egret Tiny House With A Covered Front Porch at Tiny Haven in West Virginia

Egret 001

Images via Tiny Haven

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Remember the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community near Asheville, North Carolina? Besides having lots for long-term rentals, it also has a number of short-term vacation THOWs which you can stay in.

The Magnolia is a 280 square foot tiny house with farmhouse vibes, a downstairs queen bedroom and a king-sized loft. You get stunning views of the Pisgah National Forest just outside the door, along with reliable, a tv, and access to the communal fire pit.

In the kitchen you’ll find a refrigerator, stove and Keurig for all your eating and drinking needs. In the bathroom there’s a vaulted skylight  in the shower so it feels spacious! Check out the photo tour below and then book your stay on Airbnb.

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The Magnolia: Tiny House Getaway in North Carolina

The Magnolia Tiny House Vacation at Acony Bell Tiny Home Community

Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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Here’s another beautiful vacation THOW located in the Acony Bell Tiny Home Village just outside of Asheville in North Carolina. While the community has rental lots for long-term tiny house dwellers, it also offers a number of vacation tiny homes so you can try out your tiny lifestyle before taking the plunge.

Built by ESCAPE Traveler, this 340 foot square foot house is reliably built and features both a queen-sized downstairs bedroom and a queen-sized loft. You’ll also get a spacious bathroom with a full shower/tub so you don’t have to sacrifice on comfort during your stay.

You can book your stay over at Airbnb!

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Stay in the Casa Dorada Tiny Home Getaway, NC

Stay in the Casa Dorada Tiny Home Getaway, NC

Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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If you’re looking for a quiet WiFi-free vacation where you can truly get back to basics, why not stay at Elizabeth’s Quaint Tiny Home she built with her dad? Located in Northern Michigan just a couple miles from downtown Charlevoix, her tiny house getaway features tons of sweet touches and oodles of 5-star reviews.

She supplies you with s’mores, snacks, and even a scrapbook of the build so you can see the history and hard-work behind the place. The home is nestled in the woods with plenty of walking trails around, so you can get outside and enjoy a little forest-bathing. What do you think?

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Take a Break from Real Life in Elizabeth’s Quaint Tiny Home


Images via Elizabeth/Airbnb

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Here’s the Georgia CABN, a tiny house vacation spot you can rent in South Australia.

It’s from the same company as the Jude we showed you a couple weeks ago. These are off-grid tiny homes designed to get you to unplug and bond with nature and each other.

You’ll be just a 10 minute drive from Mclaren Vale, but feel absolutely secluded from the busyness of normal life as you sip coffee overlooking a vineyard!

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Vineyard Vacation Tiny Home in Southern Australia: The Georgia

Georgia CABN South Australia


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From the makers of the Jude and Georgia, meet Allira, an Australian tiny house getaway tucked into a secluded corner of the Yarra Valley.

These tiny houses on wheels, by CABN, are designed to be off-grid escapes from reality where you can reconnect with nature and your loved ones. The CABNs are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay. Check out the photos tour below!

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Allira CABN Yarra Valley Vacation THOW

Allira CABN Vacation in Victoria, Australia


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Last week we got in touch with multiple tiny home dwellers to talk to them about living life in a tiny house during the pandemic. Now we’re here to say: Maybe some of us who are stuck in the city can try it too!

Some vacation rentals on Airbnb across the country are opening their doors to city-dwellers who need an escape and a safe place to stay socially distant in. Quarantine looks a lot different in a locked in a high rise than it does on a piece of land in nature where you can get outside and enjoy fresh air even if you aren’t able to be a tourist.

So we made a list of some of our favorite Tiny House Vacation spots in the US & Canada below for you!

We post this with great caution: In no way do we at Tiny House Talk want to encourage the unnecessary spread of the virus. Please only consider tiny living for quarantine if you’re currently in a city/urban area where social distancing is difficult. Do not rent any of these places if you’re feeling ill, and make sure to truly stay quarantined when you arrive. While these are in great locations, this isn’t the time to sight-see.

Also try to find one within driving distance of your home, so you don’t have to fly in order to get there.

Agua Norte Cabin in Minnesota


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