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This little cottage in Lee, England is popular with walkers and surfers taking advantage of all nature has to offer nearby. While the exterior might blend into the natural surroundings, inside the owners chose a bright and bold color palette.

There’s a bathroom in a separate building, and you can cook on the veranda with a provided camp stove and all kinds of cooking utensils. Then it’s time to enjoy a walk or drink some coffee and take in the views from the porch.

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A Tiny Cabin in the Woods in England

Bright & Bold Cabin with Gorgeous Porch Views 2

Images by Airbnb/Kate

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Looking for an off-grid vacation that gives you a true unplugged experience? This adorable tiny house has a huge round window that looks into the woods beyond, giving you that “in nature” feel while still keeping you protected from the elements.

Because the tiny house has no electricity, you won’t be spending time doom-scrolling on the internet or binge-watching new series. Reconnect with your significant other, or with yourself! There’s a wood-burning stove for heat, a BBQ and fire pit for cooking, and a foot pump sink and drinking water provided.

The composting toilet is in the cabin for your convenience. Head to Airbnb to book your stay.

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Go Off-Grid and Unplug in This Tiny House Vacation Spot

Tiny House in Toronto With Large Round Window

Images via Airbnb/Norman

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Last week we got in touch with multiple tiny home dwellers to talk to them about living life in a tiny house during the pandemic. Now we’re here to say: Maybe some of us who are stuck in the city can try it too!

Some vacation rentals on Airbnb across the country are opening their doors to city-dwellers who need an escape and a safe place to stay socially distant in. Quarantine looks a lot different in a locked in a high rise than it does on a piece of land in nature where you can get outside and enjoy fresh air even if you aren’t able to be a tourist.

So we made a list of some of our favorite Tiny House Vacation spots in the US & Canada below for you!

We post this with great caution: In no way do we at Tiny House Talk want to encourage the unnecessary spread of the virus. Please only consider tiny living for quarantine if you’re currently in a city/urban area where social distancing is difficult. Do not rent any of these places if you’re feeling ill, and make sure to truly stay quarantined when you arrive. While these are in great locations, this isn’t the time to sight-see.

Also try to find one within driving distance of your home, so you don’t have to fly in order to get there.

Agua Norte Cabin in Minnesota


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