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This is a gorgeous build by Thimble Homes that’s all set up to be an Airbnb. It’s for sale and comes with all the furnishings (which is awesome, because the turquoise plates are adorable).

The living room features an amazing u-shaped couch that looks incredibly comfortable, and there’s a loft bedroom right above it. The kitchen has tons of character, and the bathroom is definitely vacation-worthy.

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24-ft. Tiny House On Wheels by Thimble Homes

29 Ft Northwoods 2

Images via Thimble Homes

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This is The Cado by Thimble Homes that’s for sale right now in Oregon.

They named it “Cado” because the color looks like the inside of an avocado! As an avid avocado fan, I must agree. The inside is a stunning contrast of light beetle kill pine walls and deep chocolate-colored cabinets. You get a galley kitchen, full bathroom, two loft bedrooms and a spacious living room that just needs some cushy couches.

Get all the details, price, and contact information for the builder below. Enjoy!

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The Cado by Thimble Homes: For Sale in Oregon

Images via Thimble Homes

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