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This is the story of how one man turned his 2007 Lexus GX470 into his overland vehicle for traveling and working remotely as a software engineer. He retrofitted the vehicle to house all of his basic living needs including a rear kitchen with a refrigerator and a rooftop tent with 300W of solar panels.

While it may not offer as much space as a typical van conversion, it’s capable of off-roading into more remote locations. What would you choose, a van conversion or an expedition SUV like this? Or maybe something in between? Either way, be sure to check out the Going Farther Lexus GX470 SUV below!

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Living and Working in his Lexus GX470 SUV

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This is the story of Unstoppable Morgan and her Ford Bronco Tiny Home, which she built herself.

She lives and travels in it with her two dogs. Her Bronco features an office with a desktop computer, bed, storage throughout, a toilet, and a custom ramp so her dogs can hop in and out. It’s the ultimate adventure vehicle, and it’s relatively stealthy. What an awesome and creative way to do van life a little differently!

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She Turned Her Ford Bronco Into A Tiny House

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