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In the world of small homes, you’ll find abodes made of anything from mirrors to reclaimed wood to straw bales. This is an 807 sq. ft. stone cottage named “Casa Vi” by EV+A Lab.

Outside, you’ll notice a perfectly square facade with four symmetrical windows with a roofline that tilts backward. It sits among a forest of beautiful trees blowing smoke from its chimney.

On the inside, the house is paneled with light knotty pine wood and white walls with a wonderful open floor plan. The kitchen includes a cool retro refrigerator and a long table with wooden-block stools. A floating staircase leads upstairs to the bedroom and sitting area. The bathroom includes a unique concrete sink, and the main living space has an open fireplace for keeping warm.

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807 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage

800 Sq. Ft. Stone Cottage 001

Images © Marcello Mariana via ArchDailyEV+A Lab

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In this post I’m showing you this fantastic tiny stone cottage in the country side in France.

If you live the busy life in a city there’s nothing like escaping for a little while to the country, park, trail, forest, nature, or oceanside to get some rest and relaxation.

And that’s exactly what this family uses their 17th century cottage in France for.

17th Century Tiny Stone Cottage in France

I think you’ll really enjoy the rest of it so check it out below:

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