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I don’t know what it is about round homes, but I adore them! This particular octagonal structure was inspired by a triad of home designs: the Mongolian yurt, Navajo hogons and Native American hidatsa lodges. The result is a perfect vacation spot in Colorado dubbed the “Solargon.”

The interior has a studio-style setup, complete with a leather sofa, comfortable queen bed, and functional kitchenette. Then there’s a separate bathroom complete with a shower stall with “barnwood” tile.

But you really can’t beat the location — tucked in a corner of 40 private acres which abuts BLM land on two sides with mountain views. Book your stay here.

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Would You Live in This Round Home?

Solargon 1

Images via Cristina/Airbnb

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Today I’m really excited to share this enchanting wooden yurt with all of you, mostly because my husband and I actually stayed here last summer and can vouch for how awesome it is. I’m pretty obsessed with yurts, so getting to vacation in one was a dream come true, and this one was particularly amazing because of the history — it was built by Bill Coperthwaite in 1974, the pioneer of American yurt-building!

It’s nestled in the woods/pasture of the South of Monadnock intentional living community, and looks like something out of a storybook. The walls are all tilted out, so you walk through a funky door into the main room. My favorite part of the yurt by far is the cozy book-nook. It was the perfect spot to sit down with my morning coffee before getting ready for the day’s adventure.

You access the bedroom via ladder stairs, and it has a huge skylight for star-gazing! It was incredibly romantic and peaceful. Best of all, the hosts were incredibly kind, and supplied us with local maple syrup and farm-fresh eggs upon arrival. Can’t recommend this place enough! Book your stay on Airbnb here.

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Vacation in this Peaceful Coperthwaite Wooden Yurt

1974 Coperthwaite Wooden Yurt Getaway in New Hampshire

Image via Natalie C. McKee

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This itty bitty yurt is just one room with space for a twin-sized sleeping pad, couple of chairs and a wood-burning stove. Not much to look at, which reminded me a lot of Thoreau’s little cabin in the woods.

This yurt is in Flagstaff, Arizona on a campground: There’s a Main Lodge nearby with toilet and shower facilities, and you’ll have a exterior picnic table and grill to make food. Thinking camping, but they provide the tent (yurt) — with a bonus wood-burning stove!

Book your stay in this baby yurt over at Glamping Hub.

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Tiniest Yurt Tent in Flagstaff, Arizona

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Confessions: I think yurts are the coolest alternative dwelling option, and this yurt on stilts in Montana may be one of the most fantastic yurts I’ve seen!

While the yurt itself is lovely inside and out, it’s the giant wrap-around, two-level porch with a grill and fire pit that really make this place special.

Inside there are two bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, and a full kitchen with everything you need to do some cooking during your stay. You can book your trip to this magical getaway via Airbnb.

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Yurt Getaway with Wrap-Around Porch in Montana

Epic Yurt on Stilts Bordering Flathead Lake, Montana

Images via Linda/Airbnb

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