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Lovell and Paris got into vanlife largely out of necessity — with nearly $50,000 in consumer debt, they needed a way out of it, and not paying rent was the first step! They started in a very basic low-roof van they already owned, but after paying off their debts in 2 years, were able to upgrade to their current Sprinter.

Six years into #vanlife, the couple say there are pretty much no cons to their lifestyle. Now that they have a rig that includes everything they love — even an ironing board, so Lovell can iron his “fashionista” wardrobe — they have no desire to get a sticks-and-bricks home.

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This Van Conversion Even Has an Ironing Board!


Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Sophie is just about as cool as they get. Not only did she climb Mt. Everest in 2019, she now travels solo while working full-time in her awesome van named Sage.

She happened upon the van on Craigslist and after getting decent vibes from the seller, wired $1k to have him hold it for her (not necessarily recommended by us but, hey, it worked out!). The interior has all kinds of special knickknacks she has found on her travels, including an awesome collection of feathers.

You can see her full tour where she talks about the safety/risks of being a woman on the road below, and follow her on Instagram here.

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Sophie and Her Van Sage: Solo Female Travel

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Shaunnan & Faith thought they might van life for a while and then find some land to homestead on, but after experiencing the amazing community in the van world, they’ve decided they may do it for far longer than they’d first planned.

Their Dodge Sprinter features a large (for a van) kitchen, complete with a fridge and freezer, and a nice, deep sink for washing cast iron pans. I really love the back of this van, because they did something somewhat unique with a couch-to-bed system that includes a roll-out table extender.

Enjoy the video tour from Allison at Tiny Home Tours below! Follow the couple’s adventures on Instagram here.

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Five Months of Part-Time Van Adventuring

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Amanda took up van life to find peace. When she first bought the Sprinter, it was completely empty and she put down a rug, tucked in some furniture, and put her mattress on the floor.

But she had a friend in Montana (@dirt_bag_rigs on Instagram) who helped her take the stark interior and make it a beachy haven, with plenty of driftwood and open shelving. Now her van is truly a home, featuring her most prized possessions and holding all her river surfing gear and her skateboards.

Be sure to check out the video tour/interview that Allison of Tiny Home Tours did with Amanda at the end of the post, and follow Amanda on Instagram.

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Amanda’s Awesome Beachy Sprinter Van Conversion

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Meet Ceri, Will, their puppy Piglet, and their amazing Sprinter Renovation with a ceiling bed.

Originally from Northumberland in the UK, the couple (@tothemountainsnback on Instagram) first bought their Sprinter thinking they’d use it for brief holidays, but fell in love with the tiny/nomadic community during renovations — they ended up moving into their van full-time. Will even changed his business style so he could work remotely and make money while traveling.

They gave such thoughtful and interesting answers to our Q&A you can read at the end of this post, and you just have to see their bed lift! One of the most creative van beds I’ve ever seen. Enjoy the photo tour!

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Couple Living & Working on the Road in their Sprinter Renovation

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Adventure Blogger Kristen, her partner, and their Aussie live and work in this amazing Sprinter van conversion.

Her van is packed full of adventure gear that lets her live the life she’s dreamed of, including running her own business: She organizes Open Roads Festivals for other van-lifers and van-life dreamers across the country so people can meet and learn about this extraordinary life. The inside of her van home meets her needs, and she even has a permanent bed and dinette area with a fun “map table.”

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Kristen’s Adventure Sprinter Van Life

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